Sarawak Vacation Destinations is Truly a True Holiday Escapade.

Is Sarawak Vacation Destinations your Choice!

“Why choose Sarawak as your favourite vacation destination?” This is the question often being asked by would be visitor to Sarawak to friends and relative who have visited to Sarawak.

Those who had choice Sarawak vacation destinations had a fascinating and memorable experience touring and visiting the various Sarawak attraction sites and meeting the multi-racial community of Sarawak.

It’s amazing that so many visitor both local and international know little about the unique and fascinating tourist site in Sarawak.

Sarawak which is location in the Island of Borneo sharing the border with neighbouring state of Sabah, country of Brunei Sultanate and Kalimantan of Indonesia has numerous exciting and fascinating tourist sites.

For first time visitor, like you to Sarawak… it’s hard to decide on a starting point without a reliable and relevance source of information. I’ll try to the best my ability to help you make an informed and learned decision by providing as much as possible with related and useful information about Sarawak popular tourist destinations and other general information about Sarawak as a whole.

To help you make an informed and learned decision on choosing Sarawak as your vacation destinations, I gladly provide you with  useful information about:-

Kuching International AirportKuching International Airport, Kuching

How to travel to Sarawak from overseas countries, neighbouring state of Sabah, the Brunei Sultanate and also from town in Kalimantan, Indonesia.

How to get to the various cities, towns and the hinterland of Sarawak.

Who are the people of Sarawak, their culture and lifestyle.

Where can you see Sarawak historical site, building and memorial of historical event.

What the type of accommodation option available in Sarawak which is suitable and fit your budget.

What are the types of nature adventure or outdoor activities that you can join during your vacation in Sarawak.

Does Sarawak people celebrate any religious and traditional festivals and does Sarawak organise any international events yearly.

Do Sarawak peoples have their own traditional cuisine or food and where can you taste and experience them.

Are there any entertainment outlets in Sarawak where you can socialize, listen to your favourite music, watching your favourite movie and also entertaining your clients, or just chill out after a hard day work.

Where can you buy traditional handicrafts made by the ethnic community of Sarawak.

Do you need any visa or travelling document to enter Sarawak, Malaysia…

And much more information will be added from time to time as and when there are available.

Whether you come alone…in groups…for business or pleasure…Sarawak has a lot to offer. The uniqueness and rich cultural heritage of Sarawak make it the preferred vacation destination by both local and also outside visitors.

Sarawak Vacation Destinations is a True holiday escapade of nature wonders and cultural experience in the Land of the Hornbill.

Sharing Your Sarawak Vacation Moment !

I am sure you have a wonderful and memorable experience while in Sarawak which you would like to share with fellow visitor and in return they too will share theirs. I can't wait to hear about your Sarawak Vacation experience and funny moment. Thank you in advance for sharing.