Jong Crocodile Farm and Zoo is the first and the largest captive breeding crocodile farm in Malaysia.

Jong Crocodile farm and zoo is located about 29 km from Kuching City off Kuching-Serian Road. The journey by road to the farm took about 30 minutes.

Sarawak Transport Company Bus No .3A...boarding at Jalan Masjid Bus Station in Kuching City passes the Crocodile Farm and Zoo. It took 10 minutes walk from the main road. You can also make transport arrangement with your hotel or the local travel agents.

Road Signage to Jong Crocodile FarRoad Sign Shown direction to the Crocodile Farm at the Main Kuching-Serian Road.

The farm which open daily from 9.00am till 5.00pm is ever popular to both locals and also tourists alike. There are ample parking bay for those who come using their own transport. The farm friendly staff are ever ready to attend to your inquiries.

Farm EntranceJong Crocodile Farm and Zoo main entrance.

Jong Crocodile farm and zoo is the first and the largest captive crocodile breeding farm in Malaysia have more than two thousand crocodile bred in captivity.

 JCF Farm EntranceFriendly JCF's Staff ready to serve you.

There are two types of crocodile being bred at the farm....Saltwater Crocodile (Crocodylus Porosus) and Freshwater Malaysan Gharial(Tomistoma). They are bred both for research and conservation purpose and also their skin.

History Of the FarmHistory of the Farm.

Since the farm is the breeding ground for the can see the crocodile in various stages of their growth...from the eggs to the adults.

Crocodile Life CycleChronological of Crocodile Life Cycle.

Beside the crocodile...Jong Crocodile Farm and Zoo have other types of animals ...birds and fish to add more attractions and enhanced the ambiance of the farm.

Fresh Water OtterA pair of Freshwater Otters.
Freshwater TerrapinFreshwater Terrapin.

The most popular attraction at the farm is the crocodile feeding show. The feeding time is at 11.00 am in the morning and 3.00 pm in the afternoon. You can watch them jumping out of the water to snatch the food hanging from the wire strung across the feeding pond with a loud snap. It is interesting to see them try to outwit each other for the food given by the farm hand.

Feeding the CrocCrocodile trying to outwit each other during feeding time.

The other equally attractive and popular is the feeding of the Arapaima...a giant freshwater fish at the Fresh Water Pond at 11.30 am and another at 3.30pm. Sharing the ponds are more than 15 other species of freshwater tropical fish.

Arapaima PondArapaima-Giant Freshwater Fish Pond.

A walk through the well laid-out trail will reveal you the various crocodile holding pond and other animal cages.

Bearded Wild BoarOne of a kind Bearded Wild Boar.
Sun BearSunbear - among the different animals found at Jong's Crocodile Farm and Zoo.

A visit to the Crocodile Museum at the main building will enhanced your knowledge about the crocodile and their behaviour and habitats. The various exhibits documented the various record of man-and crocodile clashes in the Sarawak region. One of the prominent exhibit is the the skull of the famous Bujang Senang.

Bujang Senang SkullBujang Senang Skull.
Farm ExhibitExhibit about Crocodile Attack on Human around Sarawak Region.

Other exhibit are also equally knowledgeable and informative especially the chronological life cycle of the crocodile.

Beside the Crocodile Museum is the Bujang Senang Souvenir Shop...selling crocodile related products...belts...purse among other.

You can also quench your thirst at the Refreshment counter serving both simple meals and drinks.

Farm Refreshment CounterQuench your thirst at the Refreshment Counter.

A visit to Jong Crocodile Farm and Zoo is undeniably an interesting journey of a life time and a peep into the life cycle of the crocodile and its habitats. While you are at Siburan can also drop at Semenggoh Wildlife Centre which is only 10 minutes journey.

There is another Crocodile Farm cum Mini Zoo located at Kuala Baram...Miri.

Exit Jong Crocodile Farm to Sarawak Vacation Destinations.

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