Kampung Mongkos Homestay...Experience Bidayuh Culture and Hospitality

Kampung Mongkos Homestay which is located at Kampung Mongkos...Serian offers an excellent opportunity to experience Bidayuh Culture and kampong Lifestyle.

Direction to Kpg Mongko

The journey to Kampung Mongkos took about 2 hours from Kuching City by road... passing through Serian town and various villages along the way. Airport transfer can be arranged with the home owner or you can rent a car to drive to the kampong.

The majority of the Kampung Mongkos population are engaged in agriculture activities…padi cultivation…rubber tapping and pepper garden. Others are involved in Oil palm plantation. The homestay program provides the community an income generating opportunity that tourism offered.

Kampung Mongkos Homestay Accommodations.

Accommodation provided is either at the longhouse or the participant home. Currently there are 12 participating homes operating under the Kampung Mongkos Homestay programme…providing ful lboard accommodations.

The rooms are equipped with queen size bed, single bed and some are hostel style…with ceiling fans and common bath room with toilets attached.

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King size bed bedroo
Ceiling Fan
Mongkos Homestay Bathroom
Share Bathroom

Tourist Attractions and activities .

The main attraction at Kampung Mongkos is the 24 doors Bidayuh traditional longhouse. This Bidayuh longhouse are among the few surviving longhouse in Sarawak…besides Kampung Benuk and Kampung Annah Rais.

The Kampung Mongkos community celebrates the “Gawai” or the harvest festival at this longhouse every year around last week of May or earlier June. The Bidayuh Gawai or harvest festival is celebrated to give thanks to their ancestors for the bountiful harvest of the year and seek blessing for a good healthy and good harvest for the coming year.

The legendary “Batu Kapal Bugis” which is located a short distance from the village is another interesting features to visit. The formation of the stone resembled a ship or junk and some rock formation resembled animal…like frog, crocodile and more.

A 45 minutes trekking from the village is the Silungkong waterfall where you can have a good swim in the crystal clear mountain stream… soaking in the sound of the falling water and nature surrounding. In the surrounding forest you can see various types of pitcher plants and wild flowers and also small animal.

Direction to Silungkong Waterfal

2.5 km from the Kampung is Post Segomon of Indonesia, you can make arrangement with the homeowner to visit the outpost. You’re reminded to bring along your identification papers along for this journey. The journey is about 2-3 hours to and back…depending on your pace.

Way to Post Segomon, Kalimanta

Beside the longhouse tour…jungle trekking and visit to the Indonesia outpost…visitors are also encourage to participate in…

  • Bidayuh local food preparation...
  • learning the Bidayuh craftwork…
  • traditional games…
  • farming activities/fishing…
  • and many more…depending on your preferences and duration of stay.

You can also make different arrangement with the homeowner if you come alone.

Homestay's Facilities 

Beside the homestay accommodation…the village also have…

  • Restaurant equipped with Karaoke set.
  • Mini market operate by the Village Co-operative.
  • Spa and Massage facilities,
  • also public toilets.
Village Mar
Spa Facilite
Kpg Mongkos Resource Centre
Kpg Mongkos Hall

Their package and Enquiry.

Currently they offer 2 days and 1 night package which include…

  • full board accommodation in one of the participant home.
  • jungle trekking.
  • other activities organised by the members.

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Kampung Mongkos Homestay not only provides memorable Bidayuh lifestyle experience but also an insight of their culture and hospitality.

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