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Choosing Sarawak as your vacation destinations...;

Thank you for choosing Sarawak as your vacation destinations. Sarawak, which stretches along the northwest coast of Borneo Island is one of the preferred vacation destinations in Malaysia. The beautiful sandy beaches beckoned the summer vacationers, the Pinnacle of the Mount Mulu lured the mountaineers to explore its beauty and the colorful undersea life welcome divers from all over the world.

Visitors come to Sarawak for many reasons. Many come to explore the numerous nature beauty, some come to learn about the local culture and lifestyle, other come for the sun and the beaches and music lovers come for the Word Rainforest Music Festival and the Jazz festival. While other simply visit to enjoy the local dishes and seafood.

There is a lot to see and do in Sarawak, the difficulty is really where to start. Certainly, most should start with Kuching, continue to Sibu and Miri. The rolling hill and scenic view of the Bario Highland, the beautiful beaches along the coast and the exotic wildlifes are there to be explore and enjoy. The more you come to know the region, the longer you might want to stay. Enjoy your Visit!.

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Accommodation in Sarawak

Looking for places to stay in Sarawak while exploring and enjoying your vacation;

There are always an accommodation that fit your travel budget with option from Bed & Breakfast, to Luxury Hotels, Beach Resorts, Air BnB and community living. You won't be disappointed with your choice considering the variety of accommodations available whether your are exploring the towns or the interior of Sarawak.  READ MORE >

Exploring Sarawak 's Nature Beauty, Culture and Lifestyle.

Looking for adventure in Sarawak? 

Coming to Sarawak; looking for adventure; there are numerous attractions of different types and styles in Sarawak await to be discover and explore by you. From the lush rainforest rich with flora and fauna, the colourful undersea life offshore, the sandy beaches and not to miss the multi-culture lifestyle of the local.  READ MORE >

Dinning In Sarawak

Your taste bud !

Some says they the love the taste of “Laksa Sarawak”, other preferred the tasty “Kolok Mee”, while others go for the fresh seafood. What ever your food choices, Sarawak has plenty to offer, from local dishes, chinese's cuisine, halal muslin food to international cuisine. There are numerous foodstall or air-conditioned restaurants, open air dinning located nearby to your hotels. You are overwhelmed with choice.   READ MORE >

Events and Festival In Sarawak

Any interesting events or festival worthwhile in Sarawak?

Sarawak being a multi-racial and multi-culture has interesting and wonderful events and festival line up through the year. Be it a cultural , religious festival or international events are worthwhile being part of its. Among them are the "Gawai Dayaks" harvest festival which is celebrated by the Dayaks community, The festa Kaul by the Melanau Community, the Malay community have their own Hari Raya and the Chinese community celebrated the Chineses Lunar New Year. Beside these celebration, there the Rainforest World Music Festival, the Jazz Music Festival among the international Events being organised in Sarawak. There are also events stage to commemorate local events and some are organized for international audiences.   READ MORE >

Sharing your experience choosing Sarawak as your Vacation destinations ;

What have you learn about Sarawak?

What do you love about Sarawak and is the experience make you want to make a return trip again. We love to hear from you and welcome you to share your vacation experience with other fellow travelers so that they too want to taste the same. READ MORE >

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