Lundu Tourist Attractions IS a mixture of Nature Beauty and Sandy Beaches.

Lundu Tourist Attractions are combination of Nature Beauty …the many beautiful sandy beaches and the cultural of the multi-racial community living in Lundu.

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Lundu which is located 100km from Kuching City and 70km from Bau Bazaar is the administrative of the Lundu District…has a number of great sandy beaches and Nature attractions and fresh seafood.

Getting to and around Lundu.

Lundu Town which is located in the Northwest of Kuching Division is accessible by road from Kuching via the Jalan Lundu-Sempadi coastal Road and also the Bau-Lundu Road.

Those visitor travelling from Kuching by public bus can board the Kuching-Bau bas at Jalan Masjid bus station in Kuching city and at Bau town take another Bau-Lundu Bas to Lundu Town.

The journey would normally took about 2 ½ hours one way.

Those driving private vehicle can take the coastal route…Jalan Lundu-Sempadi and the other alternative route is the Bau-Lundu Road.

Lundu Tourist Attractions of Nature and Sandy Beaches.

Many of the visitors to Lundu to enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches and nature attractions which could be found throughout the district…

Siar Beach and Pandan Beach which is located west of Lundu at Kampung Pandan is accessible via Lundu-Pandan Road.

Abang Amin Beach … Sungai Kilong Beach and Pueh Beach which could be reached via Jalan Lundu-Sematan is collectively called Sematan Beach.

Telok Melano Beach which is located at Telok Melano can only be reach by boat from Sematan… be advise that the boats service are infrequent and inaccessible during the monsoon months.

Rambungan Beach which is accessible via Jalan Lundu-Sempadi is also a nice sire for a weekend getaway…quiet and peaceful and you can even take a boat ride across to Sempandi Island.

Semantan Beach, LunduSemantan Beach, Lundu

Lundu District has a number of National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary. There are…

Gunung Gading National Park which is located on the way to Pandan Beach is a popular weekend picnic spots for its clear mountain streams and beautiful waterfall.

Tanjung Datu National Park which is located at the south-western tip of Sarawak on the Datu Peninsula is accessible by boat from Sematan and via Telok Melano Trail from the fishing village of Telok Melano.

Talang-Satang National Park is Sarawak Turtle Sanctuary which comprise of Talang-Talang Island…Pulau Satang and the Ara Banun Wildlife Sanctuary. Talang-Talang Island is accessible by boats from Sematan.

Samunsan Wildlife Sanctuary which is located North-West of Lundu within Gunung Pueh Forest Reserve is accessible via Lundu-Sematan Road is a good site for bird watching.

Gunung Gading National Park, LunduGunung Gading National Park, Lundu

There are number of tour agent in Kuching that organised trip to these national park and wildlife sanctuary. Entry to these places required permit which could be obtained from Tourist Information Centre in Kuching or via the tour operator.

Silk Farm which the only silk producing farm in Malaysia is located in Sematan …operated by Zuhrah Pelangi Sdn. Bhd… produce high quality silk from silkworm.

Sebako Hotspring located at Kampung Sebako is 15km from Sematan Bazaar.

The stunning and beautiful Jangkar Waterfall is located at Kampung Jangkar which could be reach via Jalan Biawak. The site is about 2 hrs trekking through jungle and quiet steep terrain from Kampung Jangkar.

Hotels, Guesthouse and Homestay accommodations at Lundu Districts.

There are number of accommodations option around the Lundu District from lodge house…beach resorts to homestay. Among them are;-

Cheng Hak Boarding Home has 11 room is located at Jalan Melintang...Lundu Bazaar and can be contacted by telephone number +6-082-735018.

Lundu Gading Hotel which has 11 room can be contacted at +6-082-735199.

Ocean Palm Resort has different accommodation option is located at Siar Beach...Jalan Pandan Lundu contactable by phone +6-082-452245.

Semantan Palm Beach Resort which is located at Kampong Sg. Kilong...Jalan Seacom Sematan offer variety of accommodation option and resort facilities. They can be reached at +6-082712 388

Siar Beach Resort which is located at Jalan Siar-Pandan lundu is another beach resort that you can stay with the beautiful beach and the cool sea. You can inquire about their accommodation and facilities attheir website here.

Another Lundu tourist attractions is the opportunity to stay and experience local community culture and lifestyle. You have the option to experience Bidayuh Salako...the Malay or the Iban culture at these homestay...

Pueh Longhouse Homestay is located near the coastal towm of Sematan with 14 participating houses. This homestay is belonged to the Bidayuh Selako ethnic which is mostly found in Pueh enclave. You can contact Mr. Meot ak Nuber at +6-082-711101 or +6-014-8788252.

The Telok Melano homestay is belong to the Malay Community. It is located on the southern most tip of Sarawak...has ten participating house. To know more about their facilities you can contact Mr. Azman Hashim Syer Mohamad at +6-082-711152.

Another homestay in Lundu belong to Mr. Monir Bin Ahim is located at Kampong Tanah Hitam...Sematan. You can place your booking through +6-082-711088 or +6-017-8070463.

After visiting and experienced various Lundu tourist attractions, don’t forget to shop for souvenir available at Lundu Town.

Lundu tourist attractions are a mixture of beautiful sandy beaches and nature beauty attracted a lot of weekend visitors to Lundu District.

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