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Sarawak Food Guide is a culinary journey to discover the variety of mouth-watering cuisine found in Sarawak, be it local delights or traditional cuisine. You can taste them either at the hawker centre, coffee shop or even restaurants.

Being a multi-racial communities, Sarawak has variety of ethnic influenced cuisine and different cooking styles. These are some of the popular hawker foods, local delights and traditional cuisine of Sarawak.

Sarawak popular Hawker’s food.

You can find numerous little stalls at open air markets, food courts and street corner, providing ample opportunity to experience the taste of Sarawak popular hawker’s food. These are some of the most-sought local delights;

Sarawak laksa which is essentially vermicelli rice noodles (bee-hoon) is served with thick shrimp-based broth, generous amount of crunchy beans sprouts, few boiled prawns and garnished with shredded chicken and slivers of egg omelette. A thick spicy sambal paste with some lime juice added to the flavour.

Sarawak LaksaSarawak Laksa

Kolok Mee is an ever popular dish for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. This dish of light yellow egg noodle is served with lard, slices barbecued meats and minced meat. You can get Halal version from Malay stall.

Sarawak Kolok MeeSarawak Kolok Mee

Kueh Chap contains a combination of kueh, pork meat, skin, internal organs, deep fired taufu and special herbs, making it a unique dish. Kueh in this dish is referred to the much wider or uncut version of the flat noodles.

Kueh Chap SarawakKueh Chap

Mee Jawa is blanched yellow noodles served with shredded chickens, bean sprouts, potato, hard -boiled egg and slice tofu, topped with delicious tomato based rich gravy and a slice of lime for extra kick. Some would like it with Satay, chucks of marinated chicken or beef on skewers which are grilled over a charcoal fire.

Mee JawaSarawak Mee Jawa

Kampua mee is dish of dry noodles served with slices of barbecued meat and a bowl of soup. You can also choice to have it either plain, with soy sauce or with chilli sauce or both. It is a popular dish in Sibu Town.

These are just a fraction of Sarawak hawker’s food, there are much more.

Sarawak Local Delights.

Sarawak also has its own local delights, among them are;

Midin is wild jungle fern. There are few ways to cook this vegetable. Popular style is hot and spicy, fried with shrimp paste and chilli, others would preferred to cooked with anchovies, garlic or some even with salted fish.

Midin Fried with Belacan pasteMidin Fried with Belacan paste

Bamboo clam is commonly cooked in a mild curry or steamed in Chinese white wine, could also be cook with Sarawak Black pepper. This dish is available at some of the seafood restaurant in Kuching.

Bamboo Clan DishBamboo Clan Dish

Stir-fried Cangkuk manis with egg is also available at many hawker stall and coffee shop in Sarawak. It is taken with rice and other dishes.

Other Sarawak Local delights are Kacang Ma, Kuching Orh Jien and Ding Bian Hu.

Sarawak Traditional Cuisine.

The natives of Sarawak have also added colour and variety Sarawak’s gastronomical offerings. Each community has their own unique and delicious dishes. Among the popular dishes are;

The Umai, a raw fish salad. Thin silvers of raw fresh fish combined with thinly sliced onions, chilli, salt and lemon juice. This dish is traditionally a standard lunch meal for the Melanau Fishermen. You can also use fresh prawns for this dish.

Sago Grub or Sago Worms are Bettle Larvae with are taken from fallen sago palm and cooking into delicious dishes depending on once choice, either deep fried, BBQ or cook in bamboo.

Spicy flavour Sarawak Bubur Pedas (Spicy Porridge) consist of various spices such as turmeric, lemongrass, galangal, chillies, ginger, coconut and shallots. It is a popular dish during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.

The Manok Pansoh or Chicken cook in bamboo is a must try dish in Sarawak. The cut chicken pieces, lemongrass and tapioca leaves are stuffed into bamboo and cooked over an open fire. This seals in the flavour, resulting in the succulent and juicy tender chicken with gravy hinting of lemongrass and bamboo. This dish is popular among the Iban and the Bidayuh Community.

Beside the hawker’s food, local delights and traditional cuisines, Sarawak also has delightful desserts, home-brewed rice wine and others delicacies. Among them are;

Tuak is a home-brewed rice wine. There are available at some of the Pub and Bar in town. Visitors to the Iban Longhouse are normally welcome with a glass of tuak. The sweet fragrance of the brew is highly deceiving as the drink is a potent alcoholic drink.

Sarawak Kek Lapis or layered cake is a popular during festive session in Sarawak. They come in different style and flavour. It is also a must buy item by visitors to Sarawak.

Beside the above, there are the Tabaloi, guang Bing, bird nest, Sarawak’s black pepper, Bario Rice, Salted Ikan Terubok and also the Dabai Fruit.

Buah DabaiDabai Fruits

The information on Sarawak Food guide is for general information only. The information here may differ from what you have experienced and enjoyed.

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