Sarikei Tourist Attractions...There is more to Sarikei then JUST the Sarikei Pineapples.

Sarikei tourist attractions are mixture of agro-based and eco-tourism which could be found around the Division. Sarikei division is one of the administration division of Sarawak with Sarikei as it administrative centre.

Sarikei is a bustling riverside town and is a major transist point on the Pan-Borneo Highway and also the Mighty Rejang river.

Visitors from the north and central region going to the southern passes through Sarikei town and so do the visitor coming from the southern region.

Being an important agricultural centre...Sarikei is not only famed for its sweet...succulent pineapples but also its pepper products

Sarikei IconSarikei Icon

Getting to and around Sarikei.

Sarikei town is connected by the Pan-Borneo highway and also the Express Boat route. There are numerous bus company servicing this route bringing visitor various town in Sarawak. Getting around Sarikei town is either by taxi or rented car. You can walk around the small Sarikei town.

Sarikei Express Boat TerminalSarikei Express Boat Terminal

Express boat service also play an important part in servicing Sarikei Town...with Express boat plying the Mighty Rejang river loaded with passenger from Kuching and the surrounding area to Sibu and the upriver town.

Accommodations in Sarikei town.

There a number of low-cost and mid-range hotels and lodging house in Sarikei town itself. Among them are:

  • Oriental Hotel (+6084-651208), Southern Hotel (+6084-654122) and Tanjung Manis Hotel (+6084-651188) are located along Jalan Repok,
  • Dragon Inn (+6084-651799) and Wawasan Inn (+6084-653199) are located at Jalan Masjid Lama,
  • Puyang Puri Hotel (+6084-651216) at Jalan Merdeka,
  • Rajang Hotel & Café (+6084-652692) at Jalan Berjaya
  • Leh Hua Hotel (+6084-655000) located at Jalan Abd Razak.
  • Sin Chuong Hotel (+6084-655999) located at Jalan Hj Karim.

For those who prefer the quiet and peaceful nature surrounding can check in at Sebangkoi Country Resort could be reach at +60-019-8496106/016-8708723 and +60-013-8015173 ..located 26km outside Sarikei Town.

Sarikei tourist attractions.

Sarikei Tourist Attractions centered on agro-based and eco-tourism.

  • Sarikei is famed for its sweet...succulent pineapples and a Pineapple Statue near the Express Boat wharf. You can buy the fruits at the Fruit and Vegetable Market nearby.
Sarikei EsplanadeSarikei Esplanade
  • While you there...Sarikei Esplanade fronting the Sungei Nyelong is the place to watch the local boat traffic. You can see various type of express boat with futuristic design.
  • Just 1km from Sarikei Town is the Sarikei Lake Garden with scenic landscaping...making it an ideal location for picnic with family and friends. Within the park are children playground...ponds and public facilities.
Sarikei Lake GardenSarikei Lake Garden
  • While you in town you can also make arrangement with the local travel agent to visit the Rejang Songket Factory at Kampong Rejang and other agricultural attractions.

  • Sebangkoi Deer Farm which is located 26km from Sarikei town is another interesting place to visit and get to know the different species of deer. It is one of the best managed deer farm in Malaysia.

  • Next to the deer farm is the Sebangkoi Forest Park...located at the top of Bukit Sebangkoi is surrounded by green making it an ideal site for rest and recreational. The park have various public facilities like trekking trek...resting hut and many more.

  • If you are looking for tribal lifestyle can make head to Pakan and Jalau...where you can find a number of Traditional Iban longhouse. The community here still practise the traditional lifestyle. It is also a ideal place for jungle trekking. Longboat is the best mode of transportation to get to these longhouse.

  • Another interesting site worth checking out is the resting place of Iban warrior. The Lumbong Rentap site is located at Bukit Sibau in Pekan.

Sarikei tourist attractions offer various alternatives site in term of agro-based and also eco-tourism. You won't want to just visit Sarikei … but with various tourist destinations in have just started a wonderful journey to know more about Sarawak...the Land of the Hornbill.

You can continue your sightseeing Sibu...Garden City Sightseeing either by bus or take the Express Boats.

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