Sematan – A quiet and peaceful weekend picnic destination.

Sematan which is a settlement is located at the coast of Lundu District, Kuching Division. The settlement is a fishing village, is a popular weekend destination among the locals and visitor alike.

Getting to there.

There is public bus service to Sematan Bazaar from Lundu Town. You can also can also drive there Via Lundu-Sematan Road. Those visitors coming from kuching can use the Bau-Lundu road and at the T-Junction after the Bridge make a left turn to Lundu-Sematan Road.

What is Interesting In Sematan

Sematan Old Shop Houses

The beautiful sandy beaches and the vast countryside attracted visitors to the scenic and peaceful environment. As it is a seaside settlement, making it a strategic base for anglers to go for sea fishing. Some part of the beach is on private resort property which can only be accessible if you are a guest to the property and some party are open to the public.

Among the beaches are Abang Amin Beach and Pueh Beach which is collectively called Sematan Beach. Telok Melano Beach which is located at Telok Melano, near Kampung Temajuk, Sambas, Indonesia is only accessible by boat and it is un-accessible during monsoon season for safety reason and high wave. Those who would like to make a trip there should enquiry earlier as the boat schedule is infrequent.

The bazaar itself is a mixture of old, rustic wooden shop houses and row of modern brick and mortal shop lots. A small market located in the middle of the bazaar; selling fresh seafood, dried squid, vegetables, fresh water prawn and also local fruits. There is also a number of food and drink stalls where you can buy one of a kind crispy deep fried Mud Crab.

Sematan Sandy Beach

There is also the Crab Farm at Kampung Trusan Jaya. A species of Mud Crab or locally known as “Ketam Kalok” is reared in a crab pen complex. The complex is equipped with plank walk, lighting, rest area and strategically located information board about the property for visitors convenient.

A visit to the Silk Farm, which is located at Kampung Siru Dayak near Kampung Pueh, will give you an idea about the production process of silk production, from the culture of the silk worms to the production of finished silk products.

It is also the point of entry to Tanjung Datu National Park, which is located at the South-Western tip of the Datu Peninsula. If you want to make a visit to the park, you need to contact the Forestry Department, National Park Division which is located at the old Court Complex in Kuching or the local travel agent.

There is also  the Talang-Talang Island which is one of the Island of the Talang-Satang National Park, which is Sarawak Turtle Sanctuary, accessible by boat from Sematan Jety. Permit is required for entry to this National Park which is available from the National Park Division of the Forestry Department office at the Old Court Complex in Kuching or some local travel agent.

You can also visit the Bidayuh Selako Longhouse at Kampung Pueh, which also offer Homestay accommodation. At the sametime you can also try out the Sebako Hot Spring at Kampung Sebako.

There are other activities which you can pursue while you are there, like river fishing, Mangrove forest watch and river cruise. 

Accommodations in and around Sematan.

Sematan Palm Beach Resort

As Sematan is one of the popular weekend destinations in Lundu, there are a number of resort, hotels, rest house and also the Homestay.

For those who prefer to enjoy the sun and the beaches, there are the beach resorts for you; the Sematan Palm Beach Resort, The Holiday Chalet and the Dyna Wood Beach Stay which are located at along Jalan Sungei Kilong Sematan.

At the Bazaar you can stay at the Sematan Hotel which is a budget hotel and the Sematan Rest House which you can book through Lundu District Council here.

Beside these resorts and hotels, you can also stay with the local community via the Homestay program; among them are;

The Kampung Pueh Homestay which is located at Jalan Decca , Kampung Pueh and for more detail can contact Mr Meot Ak Nuber at +6082-711101

Kampung Telok Melano Homestay is located at Kampung Telok Melano and for enquiry and booking can contact Mr. Mohd Hj. Wek or Puan Affidah at +6082-711152.

The other homestay accommodation is at Kampung Tanah Hitam, for enquiry and booking can contact Mr. Monir Bin Ahim at +6016-8551793

What and where to Eat At Sematan.

If Seafood is your favourite dishes, Sematan offer fresh from the sea menu. There a number of restaurants and resort with seafood on the menu. The Sematan Palm Beach Resort, a few restaurants at the Sematan bazaar located at the New Shoplots and near to Sematan Hotel.

Feeling like escaping from the hectic city like and looking for a serene and peaceful environment, Sematan welcome you to its beautiful beaches and its scenic scenery.

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