Welcome to Batang Ai National Park Sarawak.

Batang Ai National Park which was is located in Lubok Antu in Sri Aman Division of Sarawak is part of the region’s largest trans-national protected area for tropical rainforest conservation.

The park which was gazetted at protected area in early 1991 form a sanctuary for the Orang Utan and as well as other endangered species.


How to get to Batang Ai National Park.

There are bus services from Kuching and Sibu to Sri Aman town and from Sri Aman take another bus to Lubok Antu town…which is the start off point to the park.

There is no public transport to the park which is 15km up stream at the headwaters of the Batang Ai and Lubang Baya rivers… accessible by motorized traditional longboat from Hilton Batang Ai jetty or the Batang Ai public jetty.

There are number of tour operator in Sarawak that included a visit to Batang Ai National Park as part of their organised tour…and it is the best option for independent traveller to join one.

You can check with the National Park Booking office at Visitor Information Centre in Kuching at contact no:-+6082-248088 or online hereYou can also check with the local tour operator on their tour package to the park and the Iban Longhouses near the park.


Any accommodation at Batang Ai National Park?. Currently there is no visitor accommodations or canteen at the park. You can either stay at Aiman Batang Ai Resort & Retreat or at the nearby Iban Longhouses.

You need also to bring enough food and water through-out your journey in the Park. Most of the organised tour group are provided with transport….food and lodging by the tour operator.         BOOK AHEAD >



Batang Ai National Park together with Lanjak-Entimau Wildlife Sanctaury in Malaysia and Bentuang-Karimun National Park in Kalimantan, Indonesia is the region’s largest trans-national protected area for tropical rainforest conservation.

The protected area of almost 10,000sg.km form a sanctuary for the Bornean Orang Utan(pongo pygmaeus) as well as many other endangered species.

The park is a mixture of lowland dipterocarp forest…hill dipterocarp forest above 500m elevation…old secondary forest and also active areas  of shifting cultivations. The park have remarkable diversity of animals…plants and birds species.

The Bornean Orang Utan make Batang Ai National Park as their home…sharing it with other primates like Bornean Gibbons…White-fronted Langurs…nocturnal western tarsier and the slow loris among them.

The rare and elusive clouded leopard…civet cat…sambar deer…porcupine among others added to the park rich animal life.The park has diverse and rich birds life….among them..the rhinoceros hornbill Sarawak State’s bird…argus pheasant…varieties of cuckoos…kingfisher and brahminy kite.

There are also snake species…lizard…river turtle…frog together with variety of insect could be found at the park. Batang Ai National Park is one of the many National Parks in Sarawak which provide nature adventurer the venue to enjoy and experienced Sarawak Nature Beauty. The Park has five trekking trails which showcases every aspect of the park’s terrain and vegetations.

All visitors attempt these trails must be accompanied by an experienced and registered guide or a park ranger. These trails range for easy to a strenuous one. These trails are:-

Padalai Trail is an easy 1.8km journey…passing through Traditional Iban Burial ground…pig wallows. Your journey will gradually descends to the top of the Wong Padalai rapids…going downstream to a picnic-spot which is also your pick-up point by longboat.

Bilitong Trail which follows the Padalai trail for the first kilometre…continue upwards along the crest of the ridge to Tuchong Bilitong which is an important Iban Burial Site. The trial continue through hill forest to Ulu Sungai Sekerong… from here you can either take a short steep climb to Tuchong Inggai Peak or continue to the pick-up point at confluence of the Batang Ai and the Lelayang steam….back to the Park HQ.

The 4km Bebiyong Trail leads you to the Bebiyong Mit stream….continue to resting point just below the ridge crest at the Puncak Igau. Take a short rest while admiring the excellent views of the surrounding forest.

The trail descends rapidly to the bank of the Bebiyong Besai stream. Following the trails along the river bank until you reach the stream confluence with the main Batang Ai river…which will be your pick-up point back to the Park Hq.

The long and strenuous Enggam Trail should be attempt by physically fit adventurer. The 8.2km trail follows the Bebiyong trails until Puncak Igau which then branches off along the ridge…passing through attractive hill forest before reaching a late 19th.century fortification site…the Kota Enggam

You continue to descend steadily for 60m to a picturesque Bebiyong Besai river at Nangga Sengkulit longhouse. You can continue your journey to rejoin the Bebiyong Trail at Nanga Sebabai Longhouse. where you can rest for the night and experience the culture and lifestyle of the Iban Community there.

The 7.6km Sium Trail is the most demanding and yet also a rewarding one among the five trails at Batang Ai National Park. You began your journey on the river bank opposite the Park HQ….a steady climb to the main Sium ridge.

You will passed through pristine hill forest before reaching an Iban burial ground… a short distance away is the Bukit SiumUkap. At an elevation of 704m…the unrestricted view from the peak is spectacular. You can see the entire Batang Ai Hydro Dam and the green and blue panorama of the surrounding forest. At a clear day, you can see the Danau Sentarum lakes in the distance at Kalimantan, Indonesia.

You continue to descend toward the Beritik River which you follows along until you reach its confluence with the Batang Ai river…where your boat man will be waiting for you…or you can continue on foot to the Park HQ.

You’re advised not to attempt these trails alone…always engaged an experienced and registered guard or the park ranger to accompany you at all time. You can also join one of the many organised tour group by the local tour operator in Sarawak.


Do not attempt to explore the National Park on your own. It is advisable and for your safety to engaged an experienced guide or join an organised tour group. A number of tour operators in Sarawak do have guide tour of Batang Ai National Park in their itinerary. 

For more details you can check out the Forestry Department Site or the local travel agent.

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