Bau Fairy Cave … a beautiful limestone cave with interesting rock formations.

Bau Fairy Cave is a beautiful limestone cave located west of Bau Bazaar.  It is a popular site among both local and visitors alike.

Travelling to Fairy Cave.

If you are driving from Kuching, you can take the Tondong-Batu Kawa Road, drive all the way to toward Bau Bazaar, until you see road sign indicating Jalan Serikin which is on your right. Take the right turn to Jalan Serikin and drive all the way until you see the Fairy Cave signage which is to your right. Take the right turn to Kampong Stass Road and you will reach the cave in about 10 minute. You can also travel by public bus but only to Bau Bazaar, there is not public bus to Fairy Cave.  You can either take a taxi or check out the mini-van service near the market. It a scenic journey to the site as you will pass pepper garden, farm land, villages and lot of greenery. You know you have reached your destination when you saw the Fairy Cave Signage. There are ample parking spaces and also public toilets at the site.

More Steps going to the Cave Entrance
Unigue Rock Formations at Fairy Cave Bau.

Thing to Do and See.

Exploring The Cave.

A 5 stories staircase or 30 meters was built to replace the old steep and narrow staircase, which was also dangerous.

Once you reach the top, there are more steps to climb to get to the cave entrance.

30 mtrs Staircase at Fairy Cave Bau

Once you step inside the cave, you will see many interesting stalagmites and stalactites formations.

You can explore most part of the cave easily as there are concrete path being built and also in some are planks walk are also being built. You can also rest your tired leg and regaining back your energy on benches provided.

Sunlight shone throught the Cave Opening.

While exploring the cave, ensure that you take extra care as the steps and the cave floor are slippery with guano mixed with water.

You are advised to come in group or engaged an experience guided to explore the cave. Do not explore beyond the designated path without proper lighting, caving equipment and experienced guide.

Non-slip footwear is advisable and with cap or hat to cover your head from bats dropping.

The steep rock outer wall of the cave is a popular site among rock climbing enthusiast both amateur and professional. You can contact the local travel agents to get more details about caving package.

Vegetation surrounding Bau Fairy Cave
Viewing Platform inside the Cave

The cave has many interesting rock formation, some even resemble animals and even deities. At some area you can see some remain of joss stick and praying items.

At one of the section you can see sunlight lighting the cave floor, provide a conducive environment for the growth of mosss and lichen

Section of the Fairy Cave Interior

The green and lush surrounding forest is also home to some small animals, snakes and lizards, beside the bats residing in the cave.

Steep Rock Clift of Fairy Cave.


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