Bau Tourist Attractions is a mixture of Nature, Culture and Historical Sites.

Bau Tourist Attractions can in the form of Nature …Culture and Historical site, which could be found across the district. Some of this sites are popular weekend destinations among day trippers to the district.

Bau was once a booming gold mining town, though gold mining is still going on today on a limited scale. Antimony was also mined at various locations around Bau.


Travel to and Around Bau.

Getting to Bau Town itself is not a problem as there is public bus service from Kuching City…but getting to the various tourist attractions around the district pose a problem as not all are accessible by public transport.

There are private van which provide transport option to many of the kampong in Bau District. Another option is to rent a car from Car Rental Companies in Kuching.

EXPLORING bau tourist attractions.

Cave Exploration and Rock Climbing.

Fairy Cave, Bau.

Fairy Cave which is located at Bukit Kapor is popular among rock climbing enthusiast for its steep cliffs. There are stalactite and stalagmite formations which resemble figures and animals.A number of shrines and alters could be found at the inside the cave…erected by the local Taoist Chinese.    READ MORE >

Wind Cave, Bau.

Wind Cave or locally called the Gua Angin which is located about 5km from  Bau Town is a popular weekend destination and picnic spot among day trippers to the town. The Cave is right side of Bau-Serikini Road…before Lake Secondary School. The small beach adjacent to the Sarawak Kanan River make it a favourite picnic and swimming spot..    READ MORE >


Serikin Border weekend Market, Pekan Serikin.

Another popular weekend destination in Bau District is the Serikin Weekend Market located at Pekan Serikin a small border town. This is one of the earliest Bau Tourist attractions. The market is open every Saturday till Sunday afternoon the next day is popular for handicrafts…plants…household items and many more. It is accessible by Bau-Serikin Road.      READ MORE >


Tasek Biru or Blue Lake, Bau.

Near to Bau Town is the Tasek Biru which was once an open cast mine for gold. It is also a nice place to rest before continue your journey. It also the venue for the Jong Regatta, a colourful small wooden boat power by wind.

Dewan Suarah Bau.

Dewan Suarah Bau or Bau Civic Centre which is the modern landmark of Bau …incoperate Bidayuh…Chinese and the Melayu into the building. The property is often being used by the public and government agencies alike for seminars, private gathering and other important event in Bau.

Bidayuh Ceremonial House or Baruk, Kampung Apar, Bau.

A unique architecture of the Bidayuh Community…the Baruk could be found at Kampung Opar . The road leading to the kampong is located on the left of Bau-Lundu Road just before the Bau-Batu Kawa road if you are coming from Bau Town and to the right if you are coming from Lundu or using the Batu Kawa-Bau Road.

Bung Bratak, Bidayuh Early Settlement Site, Bau.

An historical site for the Bidayuh Community in Bau District is the Bung Bratak. It was once a thriving Bidayuh settlement until an enemy attacked the community in 1837. The community left the settlement gradually to settle in the surrounding lowlands. The site is now considered as the historical site to the Bidayuh Community. The route to the site is located at 6th.mile Bau-Lundu Road…via Kampung Tembawang Sauh Road

Bung Bratak Heritage Centre, which is located on top of Bung Bratak near to Kampung Tembawang Sauh is the newest Bau tourist attraction. The centre which was open in April 2019 has 2 Bidayuh traditional long house, seminar hall, office and Mini Museum which showcase among other Dayaks Art and culture. There is also the Bidayuh Baruk, Dining Hall and reception Centre.


CMPC or Catholic Memorial and Pilgrimage Centre, Singai, Bau.

Located half way up of Mount Singai is the CMPC or Catholic Memorial and Pilgrimage CentreThe Centre can be reached via Jalan Singai. Wooden staircase had been built by the church community for the convenient of the visitors.    READ MORE >

Paku Hotspring, Paku Bazaar.

Located 1 1/2km from the small Paku Town is the Paku Hotspring. ..the site could be reach via Kuching-Bau Road.

You can also visit the Siniawan Old Town Night Market which is located Sinawan, old Bau- Kuching road. The best time to visit is during Saturday evening, where foodstall are open, offering varieties of local food, drinks and cake. 

Another upcoming Bau Tourist attraction will be the Bidayuh Culture Village at Redeem Centre in Kampong Apar, Singai. 



Bau is just an hour drive from Kuching City, so finding places to stay is not a problem. Though in Bau town itself, there is not many, you can find a community style of accommodation In Siniawan, Tondong, and Krokong area BOOK AHEAD >

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