Bau Wind Cave which is located 5 km southwest of Bau Bazaar is a popular day trip and picnic destination for both locals and visitors. It is part of the Bau formation...a narrow belt of limestone covering about 150 sq.km extended to Kalimantan Border in the west.



There is good access road right up to the Reserve...with plenty of public parking bay. To visitor coming from Kuching City can either take the Kuching-Bau Road or Kuching-Batu Kawa Road.

If you take Kuching-Bau Road will pass Bau Bazaar...from Bau Bazaar you take Bau-Lundu Road and take the left turn before the bridge to Bau-Bidi Road. The road to Wind Cave is located on the right after Bau Mini Stadium.

For those who took the Kuching-Batu Kawa route...drive all the way until you reach Bau-Lundu junction just after Kampong Sibuluh...at the junction turn left to Bau Bazaar.

Drive along this road until you come to the Sarawak Kanan Bridge...take the right turn to Bau-Bidi road and drive until you reach Bau Mini Stadium...the road leading to the Bau Wind cave is on the right side.

For those who choose to take the public transport...you can board STC's bas no. 2 at Gambier Road Bus Terminal in Kuching City. The bus depart hourly to Bau from 6.00am to 6.00pm.

Upon reaching Bau Bazaar...you can either take a taxi or private van to Bau Wind Cave Nature Reserve...just after the Bau Mini Stadium.

You know have reached your destination upon seeing the "Selamat Datang Wind Cave Nature Reserve" signage.


Thing to Do and See.

Wind Cave or Gua Angin as it know locally may got it name from the cooling breeze blowing continuously through the cave. Bau Wind Cave is one of the two accessible and popular caves in Bau...Fairy Cave is the other one.


Admission to the Nature Reserve required permit...which you can obtained at the Reserve Customer Service Counter upon payment a nominal fee.

From there you walk back to the Cave main entrance where you can start your tour of the cave.

There are 3 passages you can choose to tour. Since the cave is unlit...you are advise to bring along torchlight with back up battery. Torch Lights are also available for rent at the ticket's counter.

Passage No 1 is about 320 meters which run through the cave and end at the River on the northern side of the cave. The journey took about 30 minutes which lot of attractions along the way. Among them are the Fruit Bat...Sink Hole...Stalagmite and Stalactite...mixed formation...honey comb and common swiftlets.

Passage No. 2 is about 120 meters...took about 10-15 minutes journey which lead out of the cave to the boardwalk outside the cave. Along the way you can see fossils and the underground stream which flow out to river on the northern side of the cave.

Passage No. 3 which is located half-way of Passage 1 is about 120 meters...the journey lead out of the cave to the southern side of the cave connecting to the boardwalk outside took about 10-15 minutes.

Along this passage you can see Insect bat hanging from the cave ceiling. You can also see photokarst and other limestone formation along the way.

After a tiring and sweating tour of the cave...you can take a dip at the clear and cooling water of River....which is a popular picnic destination.

Bau Wind Cave Flora and Fauna

Beside the Cave inhabitant... there are other animal and plant species found along the river and the limestone hill and the surrounding jungle. Among them are squirrels...shrews and 9 variety of birds.

You can find rare palms outside the cave including the Arenga Pinriata...Areng Undulatifolia and the gigantic Calamus Onatus


There is a stream passing by the cave with a small gravel beach where you can enjoy a cool dipping. The water is clear and cooling.


Beside the ample public parking bay...the reserve have others facilities available for public usage. There is the public changing room and toilets facilities located by near the public picnic area.

There are some stalls selling snack and drinks. There are also resting hut built for public usage.



There is no accommodation at the reserves site. You can are number of community living in nearby area and also hotels in Kuching.    Book Ahead >

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