Guide to Bintulu Entertainment Outlets .

Bintulu Entertainment Outlets which come in many sizes, shape and styles providing entertainment to different segments of clients. They could be found located across town at New Commercial Centre, Jalan Abang Galau, Taman Sri Dagang and Medan Jaya Commercial Centre among them.

Where are bintulu entertainment outlets.

  • Among the popular hangout spot at Jalan Abang Galau are Pup 99, Ginza Karaoke & Lounge, Cinta Pub & Lounge, Pub Kitai, Ruai Kitai II, New Top Joy Pub& Lounge and Heaven Pub&Lounge.
  • While Labamba(KTV) Musical Lounge, Bungai Kesulai Karaoke Pub & Lounge, Casablance Fun Pub, Keling Menua Fun Pub and Rindu Pub & Lounge are among the popular nightspot located at Taman Sri Dagang.
  • Kiss 2 Disco & Lounge, Siang Hai Karaoke Coffee House and Tajau Mas Pub & Bistro could be found at Medan Commercial Centre.
  • Among the entertainment outlets located at Parkcity Commercial Centre are Panggau Fantasi Lounge & Karaoke, Layar Fantasia Pub & Lounge, Viva Karaoke Music Café and Ezy Plus Bar & Restaurant.
  • Sera Kumang Karaoke and 123 Karaoke & Coffee House are located at Medan Sepadu, Jalan Abang Galau.
  • Those located at Kemena Commercial Centre are De Baruk Karaoke & Lounge, Danau Live Music & Karaoke Lounge, White House Night Club and Telai Belalai (Bintulu) Karaoke Pub among others.
  • Emporo Karaoke Disco Lounge is located at BDA-Shahida Commercial Centre and Eagle Music Café & Karaoke Lounge, Baila Me Ballroom and Avenue Entertainment are located at Fortune Park Commercial Centre.
  • Rumah Panjai Karaoke Entertainment and Bistro Live Music KTV are two of the popular nightspot located at Medan Sentral Commercial Centre.


These Bintulu entertainment  outlets’ operating hours is from 4.00pm to 1.00pm on weekdays and some extend to 2.00pm during weekend and public holidays. These are just some of the popular and regularly patronized entertainment outlets in Bintulu.

If you preferred a more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, you can hang out at the Paddy’s Coffee House at Level 5 of New World Suites or The Waves Pub at Parkcity Everly Hotel which open from 4.00pm to 1.00am.

You can also spend your free time watching the latest movie at the Star Cineplex located at level 4, City Point, Jalan Keppel.

These are just some of the numerous bars, pubs, karaoke lounges and Cineplex in Bintulu town. There are others yet to be discovered and review and share. More establishments will be added from time to time as and when the information is available.

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