Bintulu Promenade ,  A site to enjoy A Quiet and Serene evening and the Cool Breeze of Kemena river

Bintulu Promenade is the latest attraction in Bintulu with providing a quite and serene site combined commercial and recreational park. It's a popular venue for families gathering, courting couples, private and public functions, and events.

What to see and Do at Bintulu Promenade.

Physical Exercise.

It's one of  the many  waterfront being developed in Sarawak...Bintulu Waterfront provide a peaceful site for the public to enjoy the evening stroll and the cool breeze or for recreational purpose.

The waterfront, which is under the care of Bintulu Development Authority is equipped with various facilities for public convenience and recreational.

You can enjoy strolling, or even jogging round the waterfront track, or just sit around watching the wave, made by the passing fishermen's boats and also cargo ships breaking on the shoreline..

...or watching the swan skimming across the water surface, catching small fish for food.

It"s  one of the preferred sites in Bintulu town to have a picnic with your family or friends while watching the various type of boats going back and forth to the nearby Wharf. While you are there you can also enjoy a glass or two of cool coconut drink sold at the nearby food stalls.


While you are at Bintulu might one to have a view of Bintulu town and the surrounding villages across the river from the Promenade Viewing Tower.

Being its proximity to Bintulu is well patronize during the weekend by both local and visitor alike. Coming to enjoy the view and patronize the night food stall nearby.

The Promenade is a new addition to places of interest in Bintulu...providing a ideal site to spend your vacation in Sarawak...enjoying the evening sunset or a sumptuous meal at the nearby stalls.

Other facilities available at Promenade are the Amphitheatre, jogging trek, benches  foods and drink stalls..

and also public toilet...

Bintulu Waterfront landscape is well maintained with plenty of shade and a beautiful landscape with variety of flowers and  features.

accommodations available around bintulu promenade.

You can also find a number of international and budget hotels within the vicinity of Bintulu Town. There are other interest places in Bintulu worth a visit like Taman Tumbina, the Similajau National Park and the Tanjung Batu Beach.

Beside Bintulu Promenade, there are also Kuching Waterfront, Sibu Water Front, Sarikei Water front and a few more being plan by the government of Sarawak. BOOK HEAD

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