Catholic Memorial Pilgrimage centre IS an Ecumenical Centre for Sarawak Catholic Community.

Catholic Memorial Pilgrimage Centre or CMPC in short is located at the Slope of Mount Singai, Kampung Tajong Singai Bau. CMPC was built to provides venue for the Catholic Community to organised retreat, training and religious related events. Since its inteception, the site had received visitors from both local and abroads.

Getting to Catholic Memorial Pilgrimage Centre, Singai Bau.

The centre is located at Kampung Tanjong Singai Bau which is accessible by Singai-Tondong Road.

Those traveling from Kuching can either use the Kuching-Matang Road and turn left to Jalan Sungei-Tengah passing Kampung Sagah and Kampung Daun.

The junction to the centre is located on the right side of Singai-Tondong Road about 2 kilometer from St. Ann Church. Look out for the Centre Signboard.

For those visitor using the Batu Kawa-Tondong Road can turn right at the Singai-Tondong Road, drive pass Kampung Sudoh, Kampung Atas and Kampung Tanjung Mitikie, the junction to the Centre is located on your left. Look out for the CMPC Signboard

Brief History of Catholic Memorial Pilgrimage Centre.

The Catholic Memorial Pilgrimage centre was initiated by a Miil Hill Priest, Fr.Sepp Schradzer, an Austrian Priest in 1981. With the grant from the government and financial aid from well-wishers both international and local a chapel, Shrine and a longhouse was built on the exact spot where the remnants of the first church and Father’s house were built by Fr.Felix Westerwoudt in 1885

Facilities available at the CPMC

With the labour provided on a voluntary basis by the local community, the project was completed and blessed by His Grace the Archbishop of Kuching, Datuk Peter Chung on 13th.September 1987 as part of the Marian Year Programme.

As time goes by, the centre becomes more popular and the need to upgrade the existing facilities arises. The committee was formed to manage the project, sourcing for fund and supervised the project.

Once again with the labour provided by the local community on voluntary basis, various new facilities were built to accommodate more visitors and also provide conveniences.

The centre now has new Church which a 300 maximum seating which in the form of the Bidayuh Ceremonial House, Baruk. Below it is an open air prayer space with wooden seats.

The new facilities being built are the dinning cum community hall, hostels, chalets, public toilets, washrooms, caretaker house and ten doors longhouse. These are being done to cater for big groups and events.

Plank-walks and staircase were built at some of the steep places thus provide convenient to elderly visitors. Halfway up to the Centre is a clearing providing a good view of the Kampung below and also Batu Kawa township in the distance

 Along the route up to the centre, there are fourteen station being built for the convenient of the faithful to recite their Station of the Cross prayer.

Catholic Memorial and Pilgrimage Centre not only received local people but also visitors all over the world. There are regular mass services, seminars and retreat being conducted by the local catholic community at the Centre.

Flora and Fauna at Mount Singai.

The area surrounding the Catholic Memorial Pilgrimage Centre is also a good site for Jungle trekking and also wildlife sighting. There are abundance of fruit trees, palm ferns, wild flowers along the path and also wildlife. A jungle path leading to the top of Mount Singai is located just beside the Longhouse.

Mount Singai is a popular hiking site, with frequent visitors hiking to the summit during the weekend and public holiday. For Safety and security reason, visitors are encourage to register themselves at the entrance before attempt the summit.

There had been new building and improvement to the site, making the site more conducive and serene for visitors. Those who are interested to visit or know more about the centre can contact the Bau/Lundu Parish at St.Stephen’s Church, Bau at +6-082-763434.

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