Cheap Sarawak Hotels...An Ideal Choice of Accommodation
for budget travelers.

Cheap Sarawak Hotels or budget accommodation are aplenty and easily available in Sarawak city and towns. You have numerous choice to make, depending on your budget and location. They are clean and comfortable with some have free internet access.

Finding a budget hotels in Sarawak cities...towns and even bazaar is not a problem...they come in all shapes and size...from the basic bed and breakfast concept to mid-range cost accommodations.

Majority of budget hotels in Sarawak are located closed to each other and also near to popular tourist attractions...thought some might be a taxi drive away.


They are numerous budget or cheap hotels at Padungan Road, Green Hill road, Abell Road, where most of the tourist choice of stay. There are also cheap Sarawak Hotel outside the city centre; Nanas Road, Ban Hock Road and Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce Road. There are also new one near to Kuching International Airport and Kuching Sentral Bus Terminal. LEARN MORE HERE


In Sibu town, these type of accommodations could be found along Wong Nai Sion Road, Kampung Ngabor Road, Pulau Road among others. Many of these cheap or budget hotels are strategically located in the town Centre, Shopping Complex, tourist attraction site, and within walking distance of each other, LEARN MORE HERE


In the resort City of Miri, there are numerous cheap or budget hotels located along Yung Seng Selatan road, Sida Road, and Bendahara road among others. LEARN MORE HERE

In the central region of Sarawak; Mukah, Sarikei, Kanowit, and Song, these Sarawak cheap accommodation could be found within the town centre and they are well maintain with clean and comfortable room.

While in Bintulu town, these cheap hotels are found in the town centre, and at Taman Sri Dagang. In Limbang town; which is popular among backpackers as the transit point to Kelabit Highland these kind of accommodation could be found along Buangsiol road, Bank road and Bangkita road. LEARN MORE HERE

For those visiting Lawas., you can find cheap accommodations at Trusan road..Punang road and Muhibbah road among others.

There are numerous budget hotels or inns in Sarawak that fitted your budget, providing clean and convenience accommodations for budget travelers to Sarawak. There are new one being open for business and old one being upgrade or expand, giving you the opportunity to pick your choice that convenient and suitable for your travel budget.

Besides these budget hotels. Sarawak also have Guest houses, lodges, hostels, and homestays and for those who prefer luxurious accommodations, Sarawak also have 5 stars hotels. LEARN MORE HERE

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