Getting around Sarawak by air...sea...river and road is a wonderful experience.

Getting around Sarawak by air...sea...river and road is a wonderful experience of greenery of the country side and the riverside villages. From Lundu in the Southern region to Limbang in the Northern region.

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The Trans-Borneo highway connected the major towns of Sarawak, so traveling by road would be your preferred choice which enable you want to experience the beautiful and fascinating country side and meeting the friendly local community.

Express Bus Services and Local Bus Services.

Public buses are available in all the major town and have daily schedule to these towns. They are comfortable and convenient even though the duration of traveling are long and sometime bumpy. Traveling in the towns itself is safe and convenience without encounter a major traffic jam.

You can take the public buses...taxis or even rent a car. The are also bus companies that operate within the town itself and the outlaying area. They provide hourly service...but to not miss them..make sure that you check their schedule.

Kuching Sentral, regional bus terminalKuching Central Regional Bus Terminal, Kuching

There are also the taxi services that you can use. These taxis are easily available for town traveling or short journey. Generally the taxis are fixed with meter but seldom being check with them their rate before boarding them. The taxi at the airport are using the coupon system.

There are also car rental companies that provide rental service for daily...weekly or monthly basis. You can drive yourself or ask for their chauffeur services. These car rental companies are available in the major town in Sarawak. Find here your choice of Car Rental Companies in Sarawak.

Local Buse servicesLocal Bus Services

By express boat and water ferry.

Another transportation option available to get around Sarawak is by the fast and futuristic looking express boat. You can get the express boat at Kuching Wharf, Sibu Wharf terminal and Sarikei Express Boat terminal.

There a daily journey from Kuching to Sarikei and Sibu. It much faster than traveling by road. In Sibu there is extensive network of express boat and long boat servicing along the Rejang and Igan River. These crafts are fast, convenient and reliable.

Sarawak Exprerss BoatExpress Boats Services

For a short trip across the river from the town to riverside villages,"penambang" or small river ferry is the preferred mode of river transport.

Sarawak PenambangKuching River Ferry or Penambang

Traveling to Interior of Sarawak.

Most of the interior of Sarawak is still inaccessible by road, so the fast and convenient by is by air.

There schedule air flight to some of the remote areas of Sarawak. The routes are serviced by MasWing...a subsidiary of Malaysia Airline. MasWing also services Pontianak, Indonesia to Kuching, Sarawak route.

Beside MasWing, Express Air also services Kuching/Pontianak route. Check out their schedule flight and ticket price online here.

You can catch the flight from the Major town in Sarawak. Chartered airplanes and helicopter services are also available.

Air Asia also offered schedule flight from Kuching to Miriā€¦Bintulu and Sibu and return.

Looking for an adventurous journey you can take a off road vehicle using the logging track. The journey would be tiring and dangerous as the track would be very slippery during down fall and fast flowing river.

Getting around Sarawak's towns or traveling to the interior is fairly easy, fast and convenient. You can pick your own way how you would like to get around Sarawak....taking the public transport or drive yourself.

Most major towns and cities offer various modes of public transport services...including buses...taxis and limousine services. Bus services are also available for International route to Pontianak-Indonesia and Brunei.

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