Gunung Gading National Park...A Popular Recreational Destination for Nature Lover.

Gunung Gading National Park which is located in Lundu District...southwest of Sarawak is a popular recreational destination for Nature lover and family picnic.

The park isn't just popular for the world's larges flower...the Rafflesia but also its beautiful cascading waterfalls...rare foliage and its wildlife.

Gunung Gading National Park has an area of 4,106 hectares sprawl across four jungle-clad mountain peak...Gunung Gading...Gunung Perigi...Gunung Sebuloh and Gunung Lundu

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It was gazetted on 1st. August 1983 to form a safe and secure habitat for the protection of the Rafflesia was opened to the public in 1994 and has since been popular among both local and foreigners.

The park is open daily including Sunday and public holiday from 8.00 am to 5.15pm.

Besides the Rafflesia...the Park is also home to a range of animal...monkey...Bearded pig...small deer...civets and porcupine among others.

Getting to Gunung Gading National Park.

The park is 1.5km from Lundu town and easily reach by road. If you are coming from Kuching have two alternative route....Kuching-Batu Kawa-Lundu road and the new coastal road...Lundu-Sempadi.

Sarawak Transport Company bus service Kuching-Lundu road route which can be board at the Kuching Sentral Bus terminal at 4th. Mile Penriseen Road in Kuching. Alternatively you can take Bau Transport Company bus which could be board at Jalan Masjid Bus terminal to Bau Bazaar and take another bus from there to Lundu Bazaar.

From Lundu Bazaar you can either hire a taxi or van to take you to Gunung Gading National Park which is just about half an hour journey.

Attraction and Activities at Gunung Gading National Park.

Upon arrival at the Park need to pay a nominal entrance fee as like all the entry to other National Park in Sarawak. You can enquiry about the rate at the National Park Booking Office in Kuching or online at

There are various activities and attractions await you at the park. It all depend on your intention and duration of stay at the park.

The most popular activity at the park s sighting of the Rafflesia flower. The world's largest flower are common on the lower slopes of the Park's mountain peaks. The Rafflesia Trail which is equipped with plankwalk near to the Park HQ is an area where Rafflesia are often found.

You can also make arrangement with the Park to have a guided walks to flowers that are blooming deeper in the forest. As the Park warden keep a close watch of the flower development...they know which site having a blooming Rafflesia.

The Rafflesia at the Park has no set of flowing season but there are more common during the wet season...November to February. As the plant has a shorter flowing's recommended to check with the Park HQ or the National Park Booking office for more information.

Swimming is another popular activities within the park There are a number of accessible waterfall along the Waterfall trail providing a nice and cool spot for swimming and relaxing. Along the way you will be passing some great jungle scenery.

Beside the sighting of the Rafflesia and swimming....Gunung Gading National Park is also a beautiful location for Jungle trekking with challenging treks. There are some short distance trek for casual and easy trekking.

There is the View Point Trail marked Yellow and Red...took about 3 hours to and fro. Trekking back you have two option...first one is you can proceed along the Jalan Lintang trek to the SESCO Dam where you can continue to the Waterfall trek and take that trek back to the HQ.

The other option is just follow the trek back to the Park HQ. There is also the challenging trek...Gunung Gading Summit trek which took you to the summit of Gunung Gading....where you can see the remain of a British Army Camp from the 1960s. You are not recommended to spent the night at the summit for security and conservation reason. The journey to the summit too about 3 hours one it is recommended that you make an early start and bring enough food and drink for the journey.

The Batu Bekubu which was once a communist base camp during the insurgency took about 6 hours to reach. If you want to attempt this is recommended that you start early and bring enough food and drink. It is advisable to have a guided trekking to this site to avoid un-neccesary risk to yourself and your group.

All visitor are encouraged to register themselves at the Park HQ for safety reason.

Accommodation within and Outside of Gunung Gading National Park.

Gunung Gading National Park has a number of chalets for the convenient of the park visitor who would like to have more time to explore the nature surrounding and enjoy the nature beauty. The park has...

2 units chalets with 3 room which can accommodated 6 person at any one time and it air-conditioned.

1 unit Forest Hostel with 4 rooms with two double-bunk bed each come with shared bathroom and toilets.

a camp site with share bathroom and toilets.

You need to pre-book you accommodation through the National Parks Booking Office at Visitors Information Centre in Kuching through contact number +6-082-24808 or at

You can also find accommodation outside the Park either in Lundu Bazaar or Sematan Bazaar. Among them...

  • Cheng Hak Boarding Home has 11 room is located at Jalan Melintang...Lundu Bazaar and can be contacted by telephone number +6-082-735018.
  • Lundu Gading Hotel which has 11 room can be contacted at +6-082-735199.
  • Ocean Palm Resort has different accommodation option is located at Siar Beach...Jalan Pandan Lundu contactable by phone +6-082-452245.
  • Sematan Palm Beach Resort which is located at Kampong Sg. Kilong...Jalan Seacom Sematan offer variety of accommodation option and resort facilities.
  • Siar Beach Resort which is located at Jalan Siar-Pandan lundu is another beach resort that you can stay with the beautiful beach and the cool sea. You can inquire about their accommodation and facilities at their website here or at telephone number +6-082-572300.

There is also the opportunity to stay with the local community and experience their culture and lifestyle. You have the option to experience Bidayuh Salako...the Malay or the Iban culture at these homestay...

Pueh Longhouse Homestay is located near the coastal towm of Sematan with 14 participating houses. This homestay is belong to the Bidayuh Selako ethnic which are mostly found in Pueh enclave. You can contact Mr. Meot ak Nuber at +6-082-711101 or +6-014-8788252.

The Telok Melano homestay is belong to the Malay Community. It is located on the southern most tip of Sarawak...has ten participating house. To know more about their facilities you can contact Mr. Azman Hashim Syer Mohamad at +6-082-711152.

Another homestay in Lundu belong to Mr. Monir Bin Ahim is located at Kampong Tanah Hitam...Sematan. You can place your booking through +6-082-711088 or +6-017-8070463.

Gunung Gading National Park is just one of the many attractions and recreation site in Lundu District. As there is no canteen facilities at the are advise to bring along enough food and drinking water for the duration of your stay in the Park.

While you are there do respect the environment and take great care not to disturb or destroy or attempt to bring out any plant or animal from the park.

There are others interesting places in Lundu, beside Gunung Gading National Park.

Exit Gunung Gading National Park to check other National Parks In Sarawak.