Welcome to Homestay Samarahan,

Homestay Samarahan offered you the opportunity of communal dwelling among the various ethnic races around Samarahan Divison in Sarawak.

These home stay accommodations are private home or longhouses …in which guest stay together with the owner and offered the opportunity to get involved in the daily activities of that community.

You are encourage to engage with the local community and learn about their culture, language and lifestyle. Each community in Sarawak has their own unique culture, lifestyle and tradition.

These are some of the home stay accommodations that I had visited and experienced the cool and greenery rural environment and the hospitality of the community myself. They are:-

Kpg Benuk Homestay

Kampung Benuk Homestay.

Kampung Benuk Homestay which is operated and managed by the Kampung Benuk Co-operative is a Bidayuh village. The kampong is located about 34 km from Kuching City…the guest are accommodate in participants’ private home. Guest are given the opportunity to engaged in the daily activities of the community and also learn about the Bidayuh Culture.

Annah Rais Homestay

Kampung Annah Rais Homestay.

Kampung Annah Rais homestay homestay which is privately owned and operated is located about five minutes journey from Kampung Annah Rias Longhouse. It about 30 minutes journey by road from Kampung Benuk. The owner offered attractive holiday package … depending on the duration of your stay.

Kpg Melayu Tebakang Homestay

Kampung Melayu Tebakang Homestay.

Kampung Melayu Tebakang Homestay which is operated and managed by the Village Co-operative is located at Kampung Melayu Tebakang…Serian. The homestay guests are accommodated in participants’ private home. There are various types of activities and culture performance being planned by them.

Kampung Mongkos Homestay, Samarahan, Sarawak.

Kampung Mongkos Homestay.

Another Bidayuh Homestay is at Kampung Mongkos which is popular among nature adventurer. Guest to the village can participate in Culture activities or explore the nearby jungle and waterfall. There are number of interesting places located within the vicinity of the Kampung Mongkos.

These are just some of the community based accommodation found around Samarahan Division…there are others that are yet to be visited and experienced. As the government is encouraging the local community to be involve in the eco-tourism, more community based accommodation will be open up. I will also will add information on this about once they are available.

You are also encourage to share your experience living among the local community in this homestay setting.

You can also find a number of community based accommodation around Kuching Division.

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