Welcome to Kampung Panchor Hot Spring.

The scenic Kampung Panchor Hot Spring is located 40km from Kuching City at Kampung Panchor Dayak is surrounded by forest and nature, offering serene and calm atmosphere.

The hot spring at Kampung Panchor Dayak is accessible via Kuching-Serian Road. The junction to the site is on the right side just after the Tapah Town.

The Kampung Panchor hot spring is open daily;  from 7.00 am till 10.00pm. An adult or children over 12years old is charged a nominal entrance fee of RM3.  A connecting plank walk was built from the entrance to the various hot water pools.

The site is being managed by the Kampong Panchor Dayak Committee.

The temperature of the water at Kampung Panchor Hot Spring is an average of 42 deg. C. You are advised to extra caution when you want to take a dip in the pool. A simple steps process:-Dip your hand or legs into the pool first to get a feel of the water temperature that it is not too hot for you. This is to prevent you from being scald by the hot water.

Everyone has a different reaction to the hotness of the water.Once you are sure that the water temperature is to your liking, slowly dip your body into the water. If you get dizzy or uneasy while dipping in the pool, get out of the pool and take a rest, drink some cold water to cool your body temperature.You are not allowed to take a bath immediately after getting out of the hot spring. Take a rest and let your body temperature to cool down to the normal level.


Please be advised that extra precaution should be absorbed by everyone while at the hot spring. There are also do and don’t which you should absorb at all the time you spend at the premises.

Hot Spring is a spring that is produced by the emergence of geothermally heated groundwater from the Earth’s crust. 

The heated water contained minerals that are claimed to have medical value and could cure various kinds of ailments, among them skin diseases. 

Several dugout pools were built;  with wooden planks surrounded the pools for visitors to sit while soaking their feet at the pools. The bottom of the pool is laid with hardwood plank to prevent the stirring of the mud at the bottom of the pool.

You can also take a dip in the pools. The pools are cover to shield the visitors from the elements; rain or shine you still can enjoy the hot spring. 

There are also resting hut complete with benches and tables being built on the premises for the visitors convenient.

There is also a canteen selling snack, drinks and simple food and next to it are the public toilets and the Changing room.

You can also visit the Kampong Annah Rais Hotspring which has different environment and style. If you plan to explore the surrounding area and would like to find for a accommodation, you can check out here.

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