Kapit Tourist Attractions IS a mixture of Nature and Culture Attractions in Kapit Division…Sarawak

Kapit tourist attractions are scatter throughout the vast hinterland of Kapit Division…which is the largest of the administrative division of Sarawak.

Kapit Division which is located in Central region of Sarawak…bordering Kalimantan…Indonesia, consist of 3 districts namely Kapit…Song and Belaga and 2 sub-district namely Nanga Merit and Sungai Asop.

The population of Kapit Division consist of Iban…Melanau…Orang Ulu…in short multi-racial community. River transport is the main mean of getting around Kapit Division as majority of the town and villages are located along the Mighty Rejang river and its tributaries.

Places of Interest In Kapit Division.

Kapit which is the commercial and administrative centre of Kapit Division is a bustling upriver town. In Kapit…the 19th.Century Fort Sylvia which housed a mini-museum and handicraft…managed by Tun Jugah Foundation is one of the few tourist sites available.

Fort  Sylvia

The Civic Centre Museum housed an interesting set of exhibits on the ethnic groups of the Rejang Basin is also worth a visit. For an evening stroll…the Lake Garden is the place to be.

There is also a number of Iban Longhouses near Kapit town and also upriver along the Mighty Rejang River and its tributaries. As some of these longhouses have been relocated and resettle elsewhere it is recommended to get up to date information from Kapit Resident Office.

The small riverine town of Song is the jump of point for visitors going to Iban Longhouses along the Katibas and Bangkit rivers.

Further upriver is Belaga town…which is the last trading post on the Rejang River…are popular start off point among tourist who choose to visit the Kayan and Kenyah Longhouses upriver.

Kapit Express Boat Terminal

Hotels, Inns and Logding in Kapit Division.

There a number of cheap and affordable accommodation in Song…Kapit and also Belaga.

In Song town you can find Capital Hotel…Katibas Inn…Mersa Inn and Sukaramai Inn... among others.

There are more accommodation choice in Kapit town…resort style…medium and budget hotels. Among them…Fully Inn…Hiap Chiang…Rejang Hotel located at Jalan Temenggong Jugah.

Greenland Inn…New Rejang Inn are located at Jalan Teo Chow Beng and Hotel Meligai is located at Jalan Airport…Kapit.

Upriver at Belaga Town…among cheap and comfortable accommodations are Bee Lian Inn…Belaga Hotel…Sing Soon Hing Hotel and Sing Soon Huat Hotel.

There are also a number of homestay accommodations in the Iban longhouse which you can enquire at Kapit Resident Office and local tour operators.

Kapit tourist attractions are centre around culture and eco-tourism with a number of yearly event being organised to attract more tourist to Kapit.

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