Kek Lapis Sarawak, Multiple Layered cake with Unique Patterns and Tasty Flavour.

Kek Lapis Sarawak is the Malay name for Sarawak Layered cake with unique patterns of interlaced of tasty layers and variety of flavors, popular serving during the festive season and special occasion among Sarawakian and also visitors. Its the Sarawakian version of the Indonesian Betawi Cake.


Sarawak layered cake with its elaborate pattern and a variety of tasty flavor is not only popular among the locals but also among visitors as gifts or for own consumption. You can get the cake in an ordinary layer or with different patterns, motifs or shapes. Each cake layer is tastefully interlaced with various flavors in between the original recipe and the modern taste.
The cake got its name from its multiple-layer taste and presentation, it must have at least two (2) colors. Among the ingredients for making this cake are flour, butter or vegetable oil, milk, eggs and other ingredients required for the desired flavor. The mixture is thoroughly mixed either manually or using an electric mixer. Special molds are used for the cake that required elaborate design and patterns to maintain a perfect layer thickness.

The multiple layers and patterns are achieved by pouring a thin layer of different battered flavor on top of each one another before the cake is baked. You can get vanilla, chocolate, orange or strawberry flavor or a combination of any one of them. Different baker has different styles and presentations.

Some have more elaborate patterns and motives, while others preferred a simple multiple layer style.The cake is either baked in oven or microwave depending on the quantity and requirement. The majority of these cakes that are sold in the market are baked in the oven. A baked cake has a high, firm texture and the layers are fastened together with jam or a similarly sticky sweet substance.

Where to buy kEK LAPIS sARAWAK.

Layer cake Pua Kumbu, Layer Cake Terendak, Layer cake Batik Sarawak, Panah Asmara, and Lapis Puncak Kaseh are just some of the names given to the types, patterns, and motives from the many cakes being offered by different bakers in Sarawak.

This Kek Sarawak is available at many of the souvenir shops and stalls along the Main Bazaar in Kuching, the Kubah Ria Market, and bakery outlets and also store at the airports in Sarawak. Those who would like to buy fresh from the oven can head to Kampong Gersik and Kampong Boyan. There you can also observe the cake making process. You can also get them online directly from the bakers as some of them have an online store.

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