Kuching Cheap Hotels, an ideal option for the traveler on a budget.

Kuching Cheap Hotels provided an affordable accommodation choice for budget travelers and backpackers to Kuching City. There is a vast range of cheap accommodations located throughout the city.

They are the ideal option choice for budget-conscious travelers. The clean, comfortable, affordable rooms and their strategic locations make them a preferred one. The room style is different from one another; some offer a single bed, a double bed, while some offer hostel-style with a bunk bed. Some of the Kuching Cheap Hotels' rooms are air-conditioning, while some others have ceiling fans.


Where are these Kuching Cheap Hotels?

Where can you find these ideal budget hotels in Kuching?  These budget-friendly hotels are found in the city center, tourist sites and also business center. 

These are randomly picked clean, comfortable, and affordable budget hotels in Kuching for reviews. 

B&B Inn, budget-friendly hotel. One of the popular cheap hotels in Kuching among backpackers. #kuchingbudgethotels, #cheaphotelkuching

B&B Inn is a 2 story corner lot shop building located at Jalan Tabuan Kuching, with easy access to many of the tourist attractions in Kuching City, shopping center, dining and entertainment outlets. Hostel style bedroom, single room with attached bathroom, shared bathroom, kitchen, and spacious sitting room.

Basaga Holiday Residence has 33 guestrooms and 1 suite with en-suite bathroom and bar serving a variety of food and beverages.

Basaga Holiday Residence is located at Jalan Tabuan, Off Chong Lin Park has 33 guestrooms and 1 suite with en-suite bathroom and other modern amenities. The property has a bar serving a variety of beverages and cocktails and a restaurant serving a selection of ASIAN and Western Cuisine. They are offered shuttle services from and to the Kuching International Airport and to City Centre. 

Tune Hotel, Kuching. Strategically located overlooking the Kuching Waterfront.

Tune Hotel is located at Taman Sri Sarawak, Kuching has 103 double rooms, 10 single rooms without windows and 22 single rooms with windows. The hotel is strategically located in the Kuching Golden Triangle, making it easy access to various tourist attractions in town, shopping mall, curio shop, dining, and entertainment outlet.

Kuching Waterfront Lodge, a view of the Kuching Waterfront.

Kuching Waterfront Lodge is nestled among the 19th. century shophouses at the Kuching Main Bazaar have a male dorm, a female dorm, single bed bedrooms, twin single bed bedroom, double bed bedroom, and 3 single attic rooms. The Lodge is close proximity to Kuching Waterfront, Chinese History Museum, Shopping Mall, Dining and entertainment outlets.

Mendu Inn, Kuching, Sarawak.

Mendu Inn is located at Panovel Commercial Centre in Simpang Tiga, Kuching has 10 rooms; Standard, Superior Double, Deluxe Twin, Deluxe Triple, and Family Suite.

Airport Guest House, Kuching Sarawak. 10 minutes from Kuching International Airport and about 30 minutes to get to Kuching City Centre.

Airport Guest House is located at the New Airport Road has 9 rooms; Single room with fan/air-cond and Double room with fan/air-cond. The guest house is about 10 minutes from Kuching International Airport and more or less the same time to get to Kuching City Centre. 

There are other Cheap hotels in Kuching.

Furama Lodging House, Green Mountain Lodging House, Kuok Pin Hotel, Orchid Inn, and River View Inn located at Jalan Greeen Hill. Ban Hua Hing Hotel, Kapit Hotel, Motel Siangolila, and Chung Hin Hotel located along Jalan Padungan.

City Inn and Longhouse Hotel are located along Jalan Abell among them.Borneo Hotel, Nomad Borneo B&Band Tracks B&B  are located at Jalan Tabuan.Fata Hotel is located at Jalan McDougall.

Thompson Inn and Marlin Inn are located Jalan NenasMayFair Hotel and Palm Hotel are located at Jalan Palm Arif Hotel and Laila Inn are located close to each other at Jalan Haji Taha.

Kuching Cheap Hotels not only offered excellent value but also its strategic location to tourist attractions, business center, and dining outlet. Shuttle services to an from the airport and also to the city are a plus point for the traveler on a budget. Some of these establishments also offer bicycles or scooters for rent and others also offer tour package to popular tourist attractions in Kuching.

You can check out the best budget hotels in Kuching here.  If you owned or operate a budget hotel and would like to share with others, you can register your property here.

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