Kuching City Sightseeing....
A Wonderful Adventure of Kuching City Tourist Attractions

Kuching City Sightseeing is both exciting and interesting with a mixture of Culture...food...tradition and historical sites.

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A tour of Kuching City Centre can be done on foot in a day as almost all the tourist attractions are within walking distance of each other.

Kuching Waterfront River Walk

You can start anywhere you like as most places of accommodations are within the city centre. Preferably you can start your Kuching City sightseeing with a morning stroll at the famous...beautiful and extended Kuching WaterFront. ...with the cool morning breeze blowing your face as you watch the perahu tambang ferrying its passenger across the Sarawak River.

Museum Cina Kuching

Nearby is the Chinese Museum... a display of pictorial journey of Sarawak Chinese Community...their initial migration from the various regions in China and their earlier activities in Sarawak.

Just across the road....opposite the Chinese Museum is the most photographed icon in Kuching City...the Tua Pek Kong Temple.

Tua Pek Kong Temple

From the temple you can either take the Tunku Abd Rahman road toward Abell road..where you will pass the Riverbank Suite on your left and the Riverside Shopping Complex on your right..the Sarawak Plaza Shopping Complex is right after the Grand Margherita Hotel.

Grand Magherita Hotel

Situated at the of Abell Road and the Padungan Road is the Cats Statue...after the Cat statue is the Tun Jugah Shopping Complex.

Tun Jugah Shopping Complex

Walking along Padungan Road you will passed few night club and restaurants on either side...also shop selling fresh flowers, fruits, restaurants, cafe and Budget hotels.

As you walk further up the lane you can see the Padungan Arch together with the famous Great Cat Statue of Kuching. Your journey normally took you about an hour or so.

Padungan Chinese Arc

OR from the Tua Pek Kong Temple you can take the Main Bazaar road...where you can find a lot of shop selling Sarawak Native handicrafts...souvenir and also the famous and well liked Sarawak Kek Lapis.

Kuching Main Bazaar

Your next stop would be the old Court House complex which now house the Tourist Information Centre , a number of travel agencies office, a restaurant and the Sarawak Handicraft Centre.

From the Court House complex you next stop is the Textile Museum where you can see the various types of textiles being use by the natives of Borneo Island. From the Iban Pua Kumpu, the Malay Kain Songket and many more. Pay a vist to see them for yourself.

Just next to the Textile Museum is the neo-classical style and corinthian columns...Main Post Office, which is still serving it purpose.

Kuching Central Post Offic

Walking along the Tun Abg Haji Openg road towards the Sarawak Museum you will passed St. Thomas church and the Merdeka Hotel and Suites on your right and the Central Padang on your left.

After Merdeka Hotel and Suite is the Oldest Museum in Asia...the Sarawak Museum, where you can see the various style of architectural hsitory and style of the local Sarawak community, and various others exhibits.

Sarawak Museum

...before it are the Art Museum and the Natural History Museum and across the road is the New Sarawak Museum Wing. Located within the old Museum ground are the War Memorial and Aquarioum.

Next is the Islamic Museum located at P.Ramlee road. From here you can either walk back to the town centre to quench your thirst and hunger after a long walk at the Open Air Stall where you can enjoy the famous Sarawak Laksa...Kolok Mee and other Sarawak specialty.

Kubah Ria Market, Kuching

OR if you happen to visit Kuching during the weekend you can continue your Kuching city sightseeing journey to Satok Sunday Market at Medan Niaga Satok located adjacent to the popular Kubah Ria eatery site...which started every Saturday afternoon and end at noon on Sunday. You can buy Sarawak Handicrafts...fruits seedling...jungle produce and many more. It's a riot of colours.

If you visited Kuching during weekdays you still can enjoy Kuching city sightseeing...checking out the various tourist attraction across the Sarawak River. Take a ride on the River Ferry to see the New Sarawak State Assembly Building....

State Legistrative Council Buildin

….the Orchid Garden, where u can see the various types of orchid is various stages of growth. Be mesmerised by the beautiful blooming flowers.

Kuching Orchid Garden

the official residence of the Sarawak Governor...The Astana and the Fort Margherita...

Astana Building

The Cat Museum at Kuching North City Hall Headquarter at Jalan Semariang. While you're there you can check some of the Malay old House which are still well preserved at the Kampong nearby.

Kuching city sightseeing is just a glimpse of what Sarawak can offered to its visitor. There more interesting places both outside Kuching and the interior of Sarawak.

Finding accommodations around Kuching City is not a problem as there numerous Hotels, Inns, B&Bs, Lodging and Guesthouse of various type and size.

Exit Kuching City Sightseeing to go sightseeing to other city in Sarawak.