Kuching City Sightseeing is both exciting and interesting with a mixture of Culture, food, tradition, and history. Kuching is the Capital City of Sarawak, with its interesting history of different reigns that have defined the influence on its people's lifestyle, architecture, and commerce. These influences could be seen in buildings, places of workship, business premises and other areas of its people's daily life.

Kuching City sightseeing

Kuching is divided into 2 sections, Kuching City South and Kuching City North with an interesting mixture of old charm and modern features.  The place of interest started from Old Padungan Road to Kubah Ria. 

These are some of the popular and frequently visited sites.

Sarawak Museum, the Oldest Museum In Kuching. Exhibits of Sarawak History, Culture, its people lifestyles. #sarawakvacationdestinations, #sarawakmuseum, #sarawak

Museum Sarawak is the place to go if you want to know about more Sarawak History and its journey toward a modern State. The museum has many exhibits related to Sarawak Government, natural resources, its people's culture, and lifestyles and Arts.

There are 3 buildings within the Museum premises, namely the Natural History Museum, Art Museum, and the Ethnology Museum. There is also the aquarium, the warrior memorial monuments, and other features. There is also the Chinese History Museum, the Textile Museum, and the Islamic Museum.

Kuching Old Court Complex dedicated Cultural and Arts Spaces. #Oldcourtcomplex, #sarawakvacationdestinations, #sarawak, #kuchingcity

The big Cat Statue located at the junction of the Padungan Road is well frequently visited and the chosen site photos. Along both sides of this road are some old shop buildings which are still in operation. The business range from food stalls, restaurants, flowers shop, and even hotels.

The China town comprised of  Main Bazaar, Gambier Street, Carpenter Street, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Bishopgate, Ewe Hai Street and  India Street is the most interesting and exciting site to visit. This area showcases the diversity of the Kuching communities' lifestyles, businesses, cultures,  and architecture. There are Chinese temples, Neo-Classical Fascades Central Post Office, Pavillion Building(Textile Museum), the Round Tower, Old Court House, Masjid India, and the Central Police Station. This site is among the most popular Kuching City Sightseeing package.

Kuching Waterfront. A European Style Esplanade dotted with benches, food stalls, artworks, and entertainment facilities. #kuchingwaterfront, #sarawakvacationdestinations, #kuchingcity, #kuching

A European-style esplanade beautifully landscaped Kuching waterfront is located on the South bank of Sarawak Kiri. This site is dotted with wooden benches, food stalls, restaurants, and entertainment facilities. A  Square Tower, Sarawak Steamship Building and the Chinese History Museum are the old building found within the site. The old courthouse complex is a dedicated cultural and arts space that also houses the Tourist Information Center for Kuching City. The Rajah Charles Brooke Memorial could be found in front of the complex.

There is the jetty for River Cruise, offer a round trip river cruise down the Sarawak Kiri River.  Across the river is the Fort Margherita, Astana, the Malay Kampung, Cat Museum, and Orchid Park. Recently added is the Darul Hanna Bridge, the Floating Mosque, and the Musical Fountain below the Sarawak State Legislative Assembly Building. The Malay kampung is also the site for the famous and popular Kek Lapis or layer cake.

The Masjid Besar is the oldest and most iconic mosque in Kuching, located at Masjid Road. Located nearby are some of the Heritage building and a Keringkam Embroidery center.  The  Gurdwara Sahib Sikh Temple is located at Jalan Masjid.

Kubah Ria Market, an interesting mix of jungle produce, seafood, household items, plants, and meats. #kubahriamarket, #sarawakvacationdestinations, #sundaymarket, #kuchingtouristsattraction

The famous Sunday Market is located at a more organized and modern Kubah Ria commercial center. The operating business is from every Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, selling daily household items, fresh fruits, jungle produce, seafood, and many more. The riverside food Stalls provide you a beautiful view of the Sarawak Kiri River while you enjoy your meal. Kubah Ria Sunday Market is another popular itinerary being offer by the travel agent in their Kuching City Sightseeing tour package.


 These are just some of the frequently visited tourist sites and attractions in Kuching.  Others which are not listed here are also equally interesting and important. Some of the travel agent do offer Kuching City Sightseeing in their inbound package.

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