Kuching Dining...Embarking on your culinary adventure in Kuching...Sarawak

There are plenty Kuching Dining outlets in Kuching...from fancy restaurant..simple street stalls...cafes and coffee shops. These dining outlets offer variety of cuisine...from authentic Sarawak cuisine...fast food...seafood to international and oriental cuisine.

Kuching's Coffee Shops

There are plenty of coffee shop...both modern and traditional dotted all over Kuching town. They serve variety of noodles and mixed rice among them...Kolok Mi...Sarawak Laksa...Beef Noodles and mixed rice. Some of these coffee shops are popular due to their signature dishes and also good services.

Sarawak LaksaFamous Sarawak Laksa
  • Some of the popular coffee shops are located along Carpenter Street...Main Bazaar...Padungan Road...a mixture of modern and traditional outlets.
  • Those that are located conveniently to budget hotels along Leboh Temple ... Green Hill Road and also nearby Satok are also popular and well patronize by both local and visitors alike.

Kuching's Food Centre.

Beside the numerous coffee shop dotting Kuching City...there are also the Food Centres offering variety of hawker foods and also local authentic Sarawak cuisine.

Among the most popular outlets are located at Satok...Padungan...town centre and also within Kuching shopping mall.

  • There are the Chinese Food Centre at Carpenter Street selling mixed seafood soup...Medan Pelita Food Court located at Star Car Park Complex selling variety of Malay food.
  • Located at the Market Road near Electra House is the ever popular Open Air Market...famous for Sarawak Kolok Mi...a refreshing ABC drink and also Malay food.
Kuching Open Air Food CentrOpen Air Food stall at Power Street, Kuching
  • Equally popular outlets are the Petanak Central Market...Sarawak Plaza Food Court...Spring Shopping Mall Food Court and also the Boulevard Mall Food Court.
  • In the evening among the best place to have dinner under the star is at Satok Bridge Stall and Kubah Ria Commercial Complex Food Courts...where you can have barbecued chicken and also Satay.
Honey Favour BBQ ChickeHoney Favour BBQ Chicken

Kuching's Seafood Restaurants and outlets.

There are many seafood restaurants in and around Kuching...offering wide selection of fresh seafood...Black pepper Crab...steamed red Talapia and the bamboo clam(ambal)

Hornbill Steamboat.Hornbill Steamboat at Jalan Ban Hock, Kuching.
  • Among the popular and well patronize seafood restaurants and outlets in Kuching are Batu Lintang Food Centre...Pending Seafood Centre located behind Kuching Port.
  • Rock Road Seafood Restaurant located at 2 ½ mile Rock Road served fresh black pepper crab. You can also check out other seafood restaurants located at Green Hill road...Abell road and Ban Hock Road.
  • If you prefer to enjoy the evening sea breeze while having your favourite seafood dishes could try the outlet at Kampung Buntal and Santubong Village . The seafood are fresh and reasonable priced.

Kuching's International and oriental Food Outlets.

Beside the coffee shop...food centre and seafood restaurants...there are also the fastfood outlet...International and oriental food outlets. You can enjoy international cuisine at the many International Standard Hotel in Kuching.

  • Among them...authentic Italian dishes at Beccari's Ristorante at Merdeka Palace Hotel & Suite...The Steakhouse at Hilton Kuching...Buffet style dining at The Four Season hotel near Kuching International Airport and Pullman Kuching.

There are more popular Kuching dining outlet that are yet to be discover and the food tasted. We would like to hear from you about your favourite restaurants, food stalls or your favourite dishes in Kuching. You can submit your stories on the comments column below.

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