Welcome to Kuching International Airport …The Main Gateway to Sarawak.

Kuching International Airport (KIA) which is located 11km south of Kuching City is the main gateway to Sarawak, Malaysia.

The Airport which is the third busiest airport in Malaysia after Kuala Lumpur International Airport(KLIA) and Kota Kinabalu International Airport in Sabah has a capacity of handling 5 million passengers annually.

Brief History of Kuching International Airport.

The first Kuching Airport were built in 1940’s by the British Government of Sarawak and opened for used on 26th.September 1950. It then the main gateway to Sarawak, Brunei and North Borneo (Sabah as it was called then).

The Airport has gone to a number of renovations and upgrading of the facilities to cater for wide body aircrafts and also the increase in the passenger volume. In 1978 a modern terminal was built and opened for used on 24th.August 1983 to replace the previous one. Another major renovation, extension and upgrading of the facilities was done and opened for used on 16th. January 2006. (Source:- Malaysia Airport website)

Getting to and from the Airport.

KIA Car Rental Counter

There is taxi service from the airport to your destination in town. You can purchase the taxi coupon at the taxi counter at the arrival lobby on the ground floor of the airport.  If your make your hotel booking at one of the hotel’s reservation counter at the airport, they gladly arrange the transport for you.

You can also hire a car from one of the Car rental companies available at the airport.

Getting to the airport is also easy as most of the hotels have airport transfer services for their guests. You can also get to the airport by taxi, which are easily available around the city.

Kuching International Airport Facilities.

International Flights Departure Hall

The current facilities can now accommodate more passengers and wide body aircrafts. There are 3 bays for B747 and A380 wide body aircrafts, 4 remote bay for turboprop aircraft and 3 news bay at the General Aviation Apron. The airport is also equipped with aerobridge.(Source:-Malaysia Aiport website)

The airport is also the airbase for the Royal Malaysian Airforce(RAF).

KIA International Flights Arrival Hall.

Inside the terminal are separate arrival and departure halls for domestic flights and International flights. Domestic flights are within Sarawak and Internationals flights include from overseas and also neighbouring Sabah, West Malaysia,  Brunei Sultanate and also from Indonesia. 

At the Departure Halls are the Check-in Counters for the various airline companies that served KIA, among them are Malaysia Airline System, AirAsia, Singapore Airline and Batavia Air. There are also a number of souvenir shops, apparel shops and restaurant at this floor.

Located on the second floor also ticketing office for airline companies that serves KIA. You can also watch the plane landing and take-off from the viewing gallery located on the second floor.

KIA Appareal Shop

Inside the waiting hall are a number of shops selling souvenir, cigarettes, perfume, liquor, apparels, restaurants and café.  Located also on the same floor is the Golden Lounge and smoking room. The immigration clearance and security check for outbound and in-bound passengers is located on the same floor.

On the ground floor of the Kuching Airport Terminal are the arrival halls, a separate hall for domestic and international passengers. There also a separate baggage reclaims halls, each for domestic and international arrival passengers.

KIA Taxi Counter

On this floor is the custom clearance and also quarantine office.

At the arrival lobby are located the more kiosk selling souvenir, drink, counter for taxi coupon, Car rental counter, Hotel booking Counter and also Travel agent counter. There are also ATM facilities of popular bank at this floor.

Sending off out-bound passengers is at the second floor and picking-up arrival passengers is at the ground floor. Kuching International Airport has ample parking bay.

Hotels at Kuching International Airports. 

There is a number of accommodations option available near the airport from deluxe hotels, to service apartment to budgets hotels. As the airport is located about 30 minutes from Kuching City Centre, you can also check out the various hotels available in Kuching City Centre.

Kuching International Airport plays an important role in Sarawak aviation, tourism and commerce. Being the main gateway to Sarawak, the airport has serves millions of visitors to Sarawak and also handling tons of cargo.

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