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An Ideal Recreational, Educational and Research Centre for Conservation in Miri, Sarawak.

Lambir National Park or Lambir Hill National Park which is located 30km south of Miri City in Sarawak was gazetted and published as national park on 15 May 1975.

The park covers an area of 6,952 hectares consisted of rich Natural Mixed Dipterocrap forest…Kerangas Forest…Secondary Forest and logged-over forests.

Getting to Lambir Hill National Park.

Lambir National Park, Mir

The park is located along Miri-Bintulu Road…making it accessible by private transports…buses and also taxi from Miri City.

You can board the public bus at Wisma Pelita Tunku Bas Station. Buses heading to Batu Niah…Bintulu…Tinjar…Bakong or Bekenu bazaars passed the Park’s Entrance. You can also arrange for a taxi for a return trip. There are ample parking space at the Park HQ for public vehicle.

Upon arrival at the Park Hq…you are required to register and pay a nominal entrance free. You can also make your booking at the National Parks Booking Office at Visitor Information Centre at Jalan Melayu, Miri Town.

Nature Attraction and Adventure at Lambir National Park.

Flora and Fauna.

The Park has an interesting mixed of flora and fauna…making it an ideal recreational…educational and research venue.

The park is covered with a mixture of Natural Mixed Diprerocrap …Kerangas …Secondary and logged-over forest. Other plant species that could be found in Lambir Hill National Park are ferns…wild gingers…vines…palms and flowering and fruiting scrubs, among others.

Beside the rich plants species…the park is also home to variety of animals species like bats…monkeys…pangolins…barking deer and also variety of bird species.

Lambir National Park is also popular recreation destinations among the local and visitors alike. There are number of exciting activities await visitors to the park..swimming…jungle trekking and bird watching…among them.

The Park Trail Info

There a number of magnificent waterfalls and polls which are pleasant spot for swimming and picnic.

The most popular picnic spot is the Latak Waterfall… equipped with changing rooms..public toilets and picnic areas.

Other equally magnificent falls and polls are Pantu Waterfall…Pancur Waterfall..Tengkorong Water and Dinding Waterfall.

The park is also an ideal site for jungle trekking with well-marked trail and plank walks being built for visitors conveniences. Most of these trails are easy and less strenuous…which can be completed in a day. There are four primary trails…namely Main…Pantu…Lepoh-Ridam and Bakam and seven secondary trails…Latak…Nibong…Bukit Pantu…Pantu Waterfall…Summit…Tengkorong and Pancur.

These trails are interlinked. The journey along the Summit Trail is an interesting one…observing the change in the vegetation from dipterocrap forest to heath forest and a stunning view await you at the summit. Some parts of the Summit Trail are steep and arduous. On the way back to the Park HQ you can detour for a cool dip at Dinding Waterfall.

There is a 40m tree tower located at the end of Pantu Trail where you can have a glimpse of the forest canopy…birds and others canopy habitats.

Accommodations In and Around Lambir Hill National Park.

The Park has a number of Chalet of different occupancy style and a camp site. You can make your booking and enquiry at the National Parks Booking Office in Miri Town or call them at +6-085-434184 or the Park HQ at +6-085-471609.

Beside the Chalet at the Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort is just located outside the Park Hq offered excellent accommodations … foods and also team building facilities.

There are also affordable accommodations in Miri town itself.

Other Facilities at the Park.

Beside the accommodations chalet and the Park Hq… there are also public toilets…canteen…Hall … Information Centre and AV room.

Lambir National Park with its abundant nature and dozens of sparkling and magnificent waterfalls and bathing pools make it a major attraction for weekend getaway and also educational site.

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