Lawas Tourist Attractions provides information on some of the Popular Vacation Destinations in Lawas District of Sarawak.

Lawas tourist attractions are in the form of nature beauty, recreational parks, and waterfall which located around the Lawas district which is part of the Limbang Divison of Sarawak, East Malaysia.

The multi-racial population of Lawas District are made up of Lun Bawang…Kedayang…Brunei Malay, Murut Tagal and also Chinese.

The district is which is strategically located between Temburong District of Brunei and the neighbouring Malaysia state of Sabah is reach with nature beauty, lush flora and fauna.

Getting to and around Lawas District.

As Lawas tourist sites are located far and wide…there are a number of travelling options available. Lawas being the main administrative centre of the district … is also the focal point of your journey to the interior and also Sabah.

Lawas town can be reach by air from Miri .. by Express Boat from Labuan, Limbang and also Bandar Seri Begawan Brunei. The town could also be reach by road via Labu in Temburong District of Brunei and Sindomin from Beaufort, Sabah.

Getting around Lawas is Taxi and also public transport. To get to the interior of Lawas District is cheap and faster by air. There is schedule air flight from Miri to Bekalan via Lawas... operate by MasWings Another travelling option is by 4WD through logging track.

Lawas Tourist Attractions in and around.

In Lawas town itself … there are a number of tourist site worth visiting. Pasar Besar Lawas or the Central Market has offers a great selection of tropical fruits…exotic jungle produce and vegetable.

Pasar Besar LawasPasar Besar Lawas

The Chinese Temple at Jalan Bunga Teratai and the old Mosque on the bank of Lawas river also worth visiting.

Lawas Only Chinese Temple

Weekend visitor to Lawas town can visit the Pasar Tamu Sabtu for variety of fruits…vegetable and also Sarawak Ethnic Handicrafts.

There are also a number of Garden and recreational parks featuring different concepts and characteristic relating to Lawas District and its community. They are;

Taman Cina which is located in Lawas town is equipped with basketball courts, volleyball and stages, providing venue for sports, recreational events and also festival celebration. Taman Payau or Taman Rusa is another recreational park built for the convenient of the local population. Taman LDC  is a well maintained children play ground in Lawas town, providing a safe venue the children to play and also the venue for Pesta Lawas and Pesta Lun Bawang.

Dataran Bandar Lawas

Other recreational park in Lawas town are the Taman Henry, the Dataran Bandar Lawas equipped with amphitheatre, jogging track and football filed and the Tebingan Sungai Lawas which is popular sport for fishing and recreation among the locals.

Lawas Waterfront

Just outside Lawas town is the Pantai Punang or Punang Beach which is a large beach area at Bangat River is popular among the local and visitor alike for picnic and recreation. Another popular picnic and recreation spot in Lawas is the white sandy beach of Sungai Bangat which is located 16 km from Lawas town.

Sungai Melasak which has scenic nature landscape, lot of greenery and cool mountain stream, with a number of waterfall is 15km from Lawas Town, located at Kampong Pengalih, also a popular weekend destination for local and visitor to Lawas alike.

Sungai Melasak Lawas

You can also visit the Kampong Air at Kuala Lawas …Punang and Awat-Awat which are popular for it Ikan Tahai.

There is also the Merarap Hotspring which is a privately owned property can be reached by 4wd vehicle through old logging tracks and is among the most popular Lawas tourist attractions. They have accommodation that can accommodate 20 – 30 people at any one time. There are a number of hot spring pools built at the property for visitor convenient. More detail about the property can be obtained at Merarap Hotspring webpage. 

Merarap Hotspring Lawas

Deep in the interior of Lawas District is the Kelabit Highlands which is home to Lun Bawang one of the Urang Ulu ethnic groups. The highland is an ideal site for jungle trekking and birthwatching beside the culture attractions and historical site. You can also visit the Apple farm and organic farming research centre at Bekelalan and the Long Kumap Salt Spring.  You can also trek to Mulu National Parks via the Head hunter trail.

Hotels, B&Bs, Inns and Guesthouse available around Lawas District.

There are a number of accommodations in Lawas District from clean budget hotel to homestay with the Native village and lodge house.

In Lawas town …located along Jalan Trusan are Eastern Hotel and Shangan Hotel. Along Jalan Punang are the Gaya Inn …Hotel Perdana and Soon Seng Hotel. Mega Inn and Milliom Hotel are located at Jalan Muhibbah.

Hotel Federal is located at Jalan Masjid Baru …while Mexion Hotel is Located at Jalan Pantai. While Hotel Seri Malaysia is the latest addition … located at Jalan Gaya.

At Merarap hot spring is the Merarap Hotspring Lodge and Sri Tanjung Resort is located at Kuala Lawas. There are a number of lodge house and homestay accommodations at Bekelalan at Kelabit Highland.

There are number of tourist attractions in Lawas District that are yet to be explored and experienced. You are also welcome to share your experience and places of interest in Lawas district.

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