Limbang Mud Volcano … A Bizarre Natural Phenomenon at Kampung Meritam, Limbang.

Limbang Mud Volcano site which is located 35km from Limbang Town at Kampung Meritam, covering an area of over 10 acres. It is one of the interesting places to visit while in Limbang. 

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How to Get There.

The site which is located east of Limbang town could be reach via Jalan Lurah. The 30 minutes journey is worthwhile as the site is covered with volcano mud pots of different sizes and height.

Limbang Mud Volcano or Mud Spring.

Mud volcanoes consist of mud mounds with crater-like features produced by erupting gases but they are not related to volcanic activity. You can hear popping sounds of the exploding gas bubbles showing that they are active mud volcanoes. You can sometime see birds drinking from the water-filled craters.

Limbang Lumpur Bebuak SignageLimbang Lumpur Bebuak Signage

These mud volcanoes are tiny pressure valves at the surface of the earth, which are normally situated above the crest of geological structures (anticlines or diapirs) or zones of structural disturbance. There, the deep-seated, overpressured soft mudstones are usually enriched in water and associated with gases.

The gases under pressure make their way to the surface through areas of least resistance. The Slurry you found on the surface are mixture of gases and mud.

Mud Spring LimbangMud Spring, Limbang

Close to the surface, the gases become more buoyant, rising more rapidly. They expand and erupt at surface in the form of bubbles within the liquefied mud. The constant upward flow of the slurry and subsequent hardening of the muds creates the mounded nature of the mud volcanoes.

Mud Pot LimbangMud Pot,Limbang

These features are transient, being constantly re-shaped by new bubbles and new mud flows. When they grow too high above the ground, they are often abandoned, the vents migrating to areas of less resistance, away from the mound. The viscosity of the mud determines the shape of the mound.

You can sometime see visitors taking a dip at the mud pot as they believed that the mud have some kind of curing properties. I am not sure about the truth of the statement.

The Mud spring site is one of the tourist sites around Limbang district.It a popular weekend destinations for local and visitors alike.  We would like to hear your experience visiting this site.

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