Limbang regional museum IS a showcase of Limbang's people history and Culture.

Limbang Regional Museum is an old fort being renovated and converted into Museum to showcase the history and culture of the limbang people and the region as a whole.

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The museum which is a two stories wooden structure was an old fort being rebuilt, renovated and converted into a museum to display the numerous historical artefacts about the history and culture of Limbang’s people and the surrounding area.

Limbang Regional Museu

The museum is located east of Limbang town on a hill overlooking the Limbang River. You can either walk or drive to the site as it only a 15 minutes journey by foot.

Brief History of the Museum.

It was an old fort built in 1897 serving as a fort against the native insurgent and also an administrative centre during the Brooke Era. It housed the Resident, District office and also used as jail during that era.

The building continued to be using for various purposes after Sarawak Independent until it was burned down in 1989. It was rebuilt on the exact site, maintaining the original design and architecture and was officially opened on 27th. August 1994 by the Minister of Social Development, Honorable Datuk Adenan Haji Satem. Another major renovation was done in 2008 and re-opened to the public on 22nd.December 2008.

A well organised and neat pictorial gallery and ethnographic collections of archaeological findings and ethnic artefacts made the museum an interesting visit.

The Museum Display.

Limbang Regional Museum showcased the various historical and culture of Limbang’s people. The displays are in the form of archaeological findings, ethnic artefacts which was found in the region. There are the pictorial gallery of salt making, tattoo among the ethnic communities in Limbang among others.

Tattoo is art of Body decorative was common among the Kayan, Kenyah and the Iban Community of Sarawak for various reasons and also meaning with different styles.

Beadware, brassware and bark cloth are among the ethnic artefacts on displays in the museum. Another interesting display at the museum is the bamboo band, which is still being practise by the local ethnic community.

It a worthwhile visit to the museum as you can get to learn more about Limbang’s history, the people’s culture and lifestyle. The Museum is just one the many interesting places around Limbang Division.

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