Limbang Tourist Attractions...An stroll down Limbang pass and present era.

Limbang tourist attractions are spread out around Limbang town...providing an excellent opportunity to experience the history...culture and its people lifestyle.

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Limbang which is the administrative town of Limbang Division in Northern Sarawak is located along the eastern bank of Sungai Limbang. It's a popular weekend destinations among visitor from Brunei Sultanate.

Getting To and Around Limbang.

The fastest way to get to Limbang is by air from Miri. MasWing currently operates regular flights between Limbang and Miri.

Alternatively you can drive to Limbang passing though Bandar Seri Begawan...Brunei. You can also take a flight to Labuan Federal Territory and cross to Limbang by express boat.

You can rent a car or hire a taxi get to Limbang tourist attractions and around town.

Hotels, Inns and Lodging House In Limbang.

There are a number of budget hotels in Limbang...with majority of them located at Jalan Buangsiol.

Among them are Centre Point Hotel...National Inn Limbang...Royal Park Hotel and Prime Hotel.

Mesra Inn and Muhibbah Inn are located at Jalan Bank while Metro Hotel is located at Jalan Bangkita.

Beside these budget hotels...

Purnama Hotel which have 218 spacious guestrooms comprising of suites and deluxe rooms is located at Jalan Buangsiol. This 3 star business hotel is the tallest landmark in Limbang central Commercial town offering its guest a panoramic view of Limbang river and close proximity to some of Limbang tourist attractions.

There are variety types and size of Hotels, Inns, B&Bs, Guesthouse and Lodging accommodations around Limbang.

Tourist attractions in and around Limbang.

There are variety of Limbang tourist attractions...both natural and historical. In Limbang town itself you can visit the Limbang Regional Museum

Limbang Regional Museu

...Chinese Temple and the Esplanade which overlook the bustling Malay villages across.

Another tourist attractions worth a visit is the 210m high jungle-clad limestone outcrop...Bukit Mas. This site could be access via a flight of staircase from Taman Tasik Bukit Mas which is location at the eastern end of Limbang town. An alternative route is via a steep road leading off Jalan Pandaruan. Half-way to the summit you will come to a Buddhist shrine.

Taman Tasek Bukti Mas Limbang

Taman Tasik Bukik Mas is a recreation and relaxation site for the public with barbecue site...toilets...a suspension bridge...children playground and a lake. It an ideal place for weekend picnic with friends and family.

If you happen to visit Limbang during the can visit the bustling bawah payung market selling jungle produce and also native handicafts.

Mud Volcanoe Site

Beside these tourist attractions...there are other site outside Limbang town worth the journey. The first stop is the bizarre 80cm high Lumpur Bebuak as it locally know or the Mud Volcanoes located at Kampung Meritam...35km from Limbang. You have the option to return back to Limbang or take an overnight trip to nearby Iban Longhouse.

You can also make prior arrangement with the local operator to climb Gunung Buda or take the Head Hunter trial to Mulu National Park.

From Limbang you can also visit the Kelabit Highland and even venture to Lawas.

Dining out at Limbang.

Though Limbang is a small town..surprisingly there are wide choice of dining possibilities. There are many Chinese hawker stalls offering noodle...rice dishes and local specialties located in the town centre every evening. In the morning you can eat breakfast at Tamu.

For seafood lovers... you can check out the seafood outlets located at Jalan Buangsiol. There are also traditional Chinese coffee shops around town serving drinks...simple breakfast and mixed rice dishes.

You also have the choice of having breakfast...lunch and dinner at Muslim Food stalls at Mesra located opposite the bus station and Selera Muhibbah at Jalan Bank. Other stalls selling Muslim foods are located at 1st.Floor of Tamu...Jalan Rickett and next to the airport road roundabout.

Limbang Plaza

There are also fast food outlets located at Limbang Plaza.

There are other tourist attractions in Limbang that are yet to be discover like a boat tour amongst the mangroves and other nature adventure.

Exit Limbang tourist attractions to check other tourist attractions at other Sarawak Interior Towns.

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