Welcome to Matang Family Park
A Serene...Tranquil natural environment for rest and relax.

Matang Family Park which is located at the foothill of Gunung Serapi is a popular weekend getaway site among the local. The 7 acres park lies amidst a lush tropical rainforest spanning over 87 acres …providing an ideal location for outdoor recreation and activities.

Getting to Matang Family Park.

Matang Family Park Entrance, KuchingMain Entrance to the Park

The park which is located 22km west of Kuching City is accessible via Kuching-Matang Road and continue to Lundu-Sempadi Road…just after the red bridge is the park.

There is no public bus services to park….if you’re a visitor to the city…you can either take the Yellow roofed shuttle van, could be found behind Electra House Shopping Complex, regularly ply the area or rent a car from the Car rental company in Kuching.

Admission to the Park.

The Park is open daily from 8am-5pm including public holiday. A nominal fee being charge for entrance to the facilities.

Activities and Facilities at the Park.

Cool Mountain Stream at Matang Family ParkClear Mountain Stream

The serene and tranquil nature surrounding of the Park provide an ideal venue to have fun filled outdoor activities and events.

The Park is a popular spot for recreation and also picnic for family and individual alike. The terraced mountain stream with natural wading pools provide a venue for children and adults alike to enjoy the cold mountain stream under the shade of the surrounding trees.

Amphitheatre at Matang Family Park, KuchingAmphitheatre for Open Air Function

You can also organise a BBQ party among friends or family as there are ample BBQ Pits around or you can let the management of the park to handle it for you.

They also catered for Corporate Event and other type of private function and also for students related activities.

The Park is also popular site for jungle trekking among nature lovers amidst the lush tropical rainforest. It is also an ideal location for family picnic…private function and also corporate events.

BBQ Facilities at Matang Family Park, KuchingBBQ Facilities at the Park.

A number of facilities and conveniences was built to cater for the needs of the park visitors. Among them are:-

BBQ pits…Picnic benches and tables..shelters are located strategically throughout the park.

There are Ample public toilets…shower and changing rooms.

A viewing Tower…Camp Sites…suspension bridge…jungle trek and ample parking bay.

Matang family park is also popular as R&R venue for visitor visiting the Kubah National Park and the Matang Wildlife Centre nearby.

Accommodations around Matang Family Park.

Parking Bay at Matang Family Park, KuchingAmple Parking Space

There are a number of accommodations around the Park. Among them are;

The Kebun homestay located at Kampung Rayu Melayu, Matang. Sinar Serapi Eco Theme resort located at Sungei Tengah, Matang. The Kubah National Park also offered accommodations for their overnight visitors.

Kampung Telaga Air is a Malay fishing village located 35km from Kuching City. The journey to the village via Kuching-Matang Road is about 45 minutes. As the village is situated at the mouth of Sarawak River you will be able to see the typical views of river..waterfront and mangroves.

As the park is only a day trip from Kuching City, there are variety of Hotels, Inns, B&Bs, Lodging and Guesthouse available that could readily fit your budget.

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