Matang Wildlife Centre … Sarawak Main Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation.

Matang Wildlife Centre which is located at the western corner of Matang National Park is the main centre for wildlife rehabilitation in Sarawak. The centre which covered an area of 180 hectares of lowland forest has a number of enclosed areas for endangered wildlife of Sarawak.

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Getting To Matang Wildlife Centre.

The Wildlife Centre which is located 35km from Kuching City is accessible via Kuching-Matang Road and continued to Lundu -Sempadi Road.

There is no public transport to the Centre. There are local mini-buses services to the nearby village but the services are irregular. They are located at near the Saujana Car Park.

If you want to make a detour on along the way… the best option is to rent a car from the local car rental company or you can join a tour group being organise daily by the local tour operator.

Matang Wildlife Centre’s Attractions and Activity.

The centre main attraction is the Orang Utan Training Programme…where the primates who have been orphaned or rescued from captivity are taught the art of survival in the wild. This is to prepare them for survival in the wild once they are released.

Matang Wildlife Centre SignageMatang Wildlife Centre Signage

The Centre also encourage and welcome any one who would like to become volunteer at the centre for certain period of time. You can also adopt an Orang Utan at the Centre by contributing to the wellbeing of your chosen primates. Both personal and Corporate contribution are welcome.

Those who would like to be part of the Volunteer program can details information from ApeMalaysia …partnering with several organizations across Malaysia in in-situ and ex-situ conservation program.

If you would like to know how you can adopted an Orang Utan…you can contact Corporate Communication of Sarawak Forestry Corporation Sdn. Bhd at contact no: +6082-610088 or visit them here. where you can get more details about the contribution structure.

Some of the Orang Utan at the Centre are from Semenggoh Wildlife Centre where the primates are released in the wild and free to roam.

Beside the Orang Utan… the centre also have Sun Bears…Sambar Deer…Civets in spacious enclosures and a number of large aviaries featuring Hornbills…Sea Eagles…Storks and a host of other birds native to Sarawak.

Matang Wildlife Centre LayoutMatang Wildlife Centre Layout

Matang Wildlife Centre is also a good site for weekend picnic and also jungle trekking with the presence of rock pools…swimming area and well-marked jungle trails.

The Pitcher Trail is a 2 hours journey circular path through forest…sporting different type of pitcher plant species on the forest floor.

The Rayu Trail is 3-4 hours journey one way ended at Kubah National Park HQ. It’s an exciting and interesting journey as you passes different plants species and other habitats of the forest.

The 2 hours one way journey Sungai Buluh Trail leads to two secluded waterfalls…so make sure that you have time for the return journey.

The best time to visit the Centre is from 9.00 to 11.30 am in the morning and 2.00 to 4.00pm if you want to see the animal feeding and the animal at the enclosure.

All visitors to the Centre are charge an entrance fee.

Accommodations and other Facilities Available

The Centre has number of facilities provided for the convenient of the visitors.The centre has an information centre…small canteen and an ample parking space.There are also Forest Lodge…Hostel and camping for accommodations.

Beside the accommodations at the Centre…there are also accommodation facilities at Kubah National Parks… The Kebun and the Homestay at the nearby village, Kpg Telega Air and Kpg Rayu.

You can contact Sarawak Tourism Office at +6082-246575/775 or local tour operator for trip and accommodations details.

Located at Sungei Tengah Road...Off Matang Road is an integrated holiday resort home... the Sinar Serapi Eco Theme Part Resort.

There are other interesting places around Matang… the Matang Family ParkKampong Telaga Air Homestay and the nearby Kubah National Park

The Centre was set up to provide a centre for Education…Research…Conservation of Sarawak Endangered Wildlife and also a recreation site for everyone to enjoy the Nature and its beauty.

Exit Matang Wildlife Centre to check out other Wildlife Sanctuary around Sarawak.

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