Melanau Heartland.... The Cradle of Melanau Civilisation ...A glimpse of the Melanau Culture and Lifestyle.

Melanau Heartland is the nickname for the 10th. Administrative division...Mukah...predominantly Melanau Community.

Mukah Division covered an area of 6,997.6 square kilometer in the Central region of Sarawak covering the District of Mukah...Dalat...Matu and Daro.

There have been a tremendous improvement in the infrastructural...boosting the tourism industry in Mukah division.

Getting to and around Melanau Heartland

Getting to Mukah division is either by sea and also by roads. Mukah division is being served by Maswing providing daily flight from Kuching and Miri. There is two airports in Mukah...Mukah Airport and Tanjung Manis airport.

To know more about the flight schedule to Mukah and flight booking you can visit MasWing website here.

The town in Mukah Division are linked by road from Sibu...Bintulu and Miri. There is Express bus serving this route.

You can also take express boat from Sibu to Matu and also Mukah and also from Sarikei to get to Daro and Pulau Bruit.

Places of Interest In Melanau Heartland

Mukah Division with its idyllic setting and unique Melanau culture heritage is increasingly popular to both local and foreign visitors. There are many interesting and tourist attractions in Mukah divisions...from historical culture heritage.

In Mukah...which is the administrative centre of Mukah Division you can see old Smokestack of the earlier Sago Industry. You can also visit and experience the Melanau Culture at Lamin Dana cum Mini Museum at Kampong Tellian.

In Mukah town you can see the multi-coloured conical roofs town mosque and also the Civic Centrre. While in Mukah town you can also stroll at the Kenyana Lake...Taman Tanjung Pedada at Kampung Tanjung...Kala Dana Recreation Park and the Setia Raja Boulevard Recreation Park.

You can also go for a swim at Blue Horizon Beach.

From Mukah you can travel by road to Dalat District to see the Melanau Kelidieng located opposite the District Office. A stroll along the Dalat waterfront will bring you to the beautiful decorated Chinese Temple.

You can also see and experience for yourself the process of getting raw sago to finish sago product like “tebaloi” and also sago pellets.

A visit to Kampong Kuala Hilir, Oya provide you the opportunity to learn and experienced the Melanau Culture and ifestyle.

In Daro District... you can visit the Bruit National Park at Bruit Island and have picnic at Belawai Beach.

There are also the Sungai Pasir Wildlife Park...Kpg Soh Longhouse and Telaga Penawar Kampong Jemoreng at Matu District.

Other tourist attractions and activities in Mukah District are the highly touted Kaul Festival...Batang Mukah river safari and also the Wildlife and peat swamp at Gambut.

Accommodation In Melanau Heartland.

There are various type of accommodations available in Mukah Division...from the traditional Homestay to the Standard Hotel and resort.

The majority of the Hotels and resort are located in Mukah Town which is the administrative centre. Among them are;

  • Hotel Sri Umpang (+60-084-871888) and Mandyrin Hotel (+60-084-872688) are located at Jalan Lintang,
  • King Ing Hotel (+60-084-871400) at Jalan Panggung,
  • Weiming Hotel (+60-084-872278) located at Jalan Pasar,
  • Kingwood Hotel (+60-084-874996) is located at Jalan Medan Setia Jaya, Mukah,
  • Kingwood Resort Mukah(+60-084-873888) is located at Jalan Mukah-Balingian...
  • Pantai Harmoni Beach Resort(+6-084-872566) and Mukah Kaul Beach Resort (+6-084-873933) are located at KM4, Jalan Mukah-Oya.
  • and Mandyrin Hotel at Mukah Old township.
  • For a feel and experience of Melanau Culture and life style you can stay at Lamin Dana Homestay
  • Other accommodation in Mukah District are...Dalat Homestay...Kampung Senau, Oya and the Kpg Sok Longhouse.

There are also hotels, Inns, B&Bs, Lodging and Guest House outsidde Mukah, you can search and book your preferred accommodations here.

Where to eat in mukah?

The signature dish of the Melanau community...Umai...a spicy salad of raw marinated fish with shallots..lime juice and chillies is my favorite available at Nibong House. There are Chinese Kopitiam and Malay Restaurant serving a variety of dishes and drinks.

There are also the seafood restaurants and western foods at JS Seafood...River view Restaurant and Kingwood Resort all are located in Mukah town.

There are other dinning places in the Melanau Heartland that are yet to be visited and discover...which will be added to this page as and when they are available.

The Melanau heartland is the place to visit if you would like to learn and experience the culture and lifestyle of the Melanau Community in Sarawak. There are the historical museum and culture centre await your arrival.

There are other interesting places in Mukah division that are yet to be discover and explore and you are welcome to share your favorite tourist site here.

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