Miri City Fan...A Unique Fan Shaped Urban Civic Park with ideal Sport...Educational and Recreational Facilities.

Miri City Fan which is a unique fan shaped urban civic park is located at Jalan Kapas...right in the heart of Miri Resort City...is popular with locals and visitors alike.

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The Park which was accorded Malaysia's best landscaping city park in 2001 is sited in the hub of Sport....educational and recreational facilities in Miri.

This 10.4 hectare park was built with the aim to instill a Civic Consciousness with the embodiment of several symbolic parks.

Miri City Fan Park LayoututPark Layout Plan

The strategic location of park with ample parking spaces....shady atmosphere and recreational facilities make it a perfect for an early evening stroll or just to enjoy the atmosphere. Entertainment and cultural events are being held reqularly at the venue as there is ample facilities available for the for this kind of events.

Rest BenchesRest bench strategically located

The Park includes a Promenade parkland..an Amphithreatre where various entertainment and cultural events are reqularly held by the government agencies, NGO and also private bodies.


...next to it is the Musical Fountain...

...just across it is the Pustaka Miri or Miri IT Library...caters for the information and research need of Miri Community as well as the neighbouring districts and towns.

Pustaka Miri

Within the Park are also a variety of theme gardens...the Garden of Vision

...just at the entrance opposite Miri Mosque is the Islamic Garden, depicts different elements of Islamic themes.

Islamic Garden

just to the right after the Musical Fountain is the Health Garden with a reflexology path made of various sizes of pebbles, where you can walk bare footed and experience the sensation of the pebbles on your sole.

Health Garden

and the Chinese Garden, depicts the different elements of the chinese design and motives on the structure.

Chinese Arch.

within the garden is the Koi Pond with colourful mixtures of different species of Chinese Carp.

Koi Pond

The Miri Public swimming Pool is just a short distance from the pond, which are popular with the public, where swimming classes are being conducted regularly for the local children and also a training venue for swimmers  in Miri.

Public Swimming Pool

The Civic Promenade... murals about the City Vision and Culture and lifestyle and economic activities of Sarawak as a whole.

Right after that is the Culture Centre-Dewan Suarah Miri.

Dewan Suarah Miri

The Botanical Ethnic Garden is located between the Public Swimming Pool and the Pustaka Library.

Miri City Fan is also a ideal place for family outing as it just within a walking distance from the City Centre and also commercial establishment. Various public function like concert, family day and many more are also being held there regularly. There are also variety of accommodations style located nearby.

The park is just one of the various places of interest within Miri City beside the Petroleum Museum and the Miri Crocodile Farm cum Mini Zoo ... just to name a few. 

Outside Miri, there are the Lambir National Park, Gunung Mulu National Park and the Kelabits Highland await you.

Leave Miri City Fan to go sightseeing around Miri City.

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