Miri Crocodile Farm Cum Mini Zoo IS Home to thousand crocodile of different species, exotic animals and birds.

Miri Crocodile Farm Cum Mini Zoo which is located at Kuala Baram...Miri is owned and operated by Benaya Sdn. Bhd was opened on 16 August 1998. Its open daily from 9.00am till 6.00pm. And admission is being charged.

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The farm is accessible via the coastal Lutong-Kuala Baram road by bus or taxi boarding at Miri local bus/taxi station at Jalan Padang or your own transport.

The junction to the farm is on the right after the Junction to Sungei Tujuh Immigration Check Point but before the old Kuala Baram Ferry Point...on the left side of the road to Pekan Kuala Baram.

The Farm which is registered and recognized by Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species for Wild Fauna and Flora is home to thousand Estauarine Crocodile and Malayan Gharial

Visitors to the farm are charge a entrance fee upon entering to the premises.

Miri Crocodile Farm EntranceTicket counter and farm entrance

once you step inside the facilities you will see on display news cuttings on stories about crocodile fatal clashes with human throughout the State in previous years until recently.

News on Crocodile Attack on Human

and the life cycle of a crocodile from the exhibit shown, from the eggs, to baby and till adults. 

Croc Life Cycle Exhibition

Beside the thousand crocodile of different species...the farm also housed other exotic animal and bird from tropical countries. You can feed them with bananas available at the farm's canteen.

The crocodile are housed in natural breeding enclosure and man made sanctuary ponds within the 22 acres farm which provide a safe and secured environment for visitors to see them.

As you take an adventurous stroll through the facilities...you will came across different species of animals and birds that are keep in spacious cages...giving ample space for them to roam and fly around.

Just after the breeding nest of the crocodile you will came to the Pythons which is located near the public toilets....

Pythons Cage

Beside it is the Fruit Bat Cage...

...and the Peacock.

just behind the Peacock cage is the Marabou Stork....

Marabou Stork

...the Fan-tailed Pigeon is just a short distance away.

....a few step away is the Crab eating Macaque and the Pig Tail Macaque.

You can watch up-close and feed Guiness Record 2004 most dangerous bird...the Southern Cassowary. So approach the bird with caution.

Sothern Casswary

...not far is the Horse Stable ,the Dairy Cattle and the Goat Shed. Other animals that could be found at the Farm are Sun Bear, turtles and tortoises.

The farm is also surrounded by Fish Pond and Water lily pond, which act a natural water filteration.

Before you leave Miri Crocodile farm you might want to know how it feel to ride a horse.

A tour of the facilities is both fun and educational to all as you can learn more about the animals and their habitat. Miri Crocodile Farm cum Mini Zoo is one of the various places of interest in Miri where you can spend your vacation in Sarawak.

There is another crocodile farm in Kuching which is the largest in Sarawak... Jong Crocodile Farm is located at Siburan...Kuching Serian Road.

Leave Miri Crocodile Farm to go sightseeing around Miri City.

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