Miri Dining...An Informative guide to Miri's popular and favourite dining outlets.

Miri Dining outlets range form fine dining restaurants...coffee shops...bistros to road side stall. They offer variety Malaysia...oriental and International dishes served in variety of style.

You can get Chinese Noodle from Coffee shops...Nasi lemak from Malay stall...Roti Chanai from Indian Restaurants...fresh seafood from Seafood restaurants and many more. You're overwhelmed with so many choice.

There are literally hundred of dining outlets located around Miri City. While some are within walking distance in the city centre....others are located outside the city.

“What to eat and where to get your favourite dishes”...especially when you are new in town. In this page you will get to know more about the popular and favourite eating outlets in Miri. 

Miri's Food court and Stalls.

There are many food court and stalls located in shopping mall and shops lot around town. You can get variety of dishes from dim sum..noodles...satay...mixed rice and soup.

You can find them at Pelita Commercial Centre...Centrepoint Commercial centre...Jalan Merpati...Bintang Plaza and also Imperial Shopping Mall.

While some of these stall like Miri City Food Court...Open Air Market only open for limited time...other like Pelita Hai Ma Food Centre open 24 hours selling chinese and western foods.

Beside those stalls selling chinese foods... there are stall and food courts...among them are Gerai Wawasan Food Stalls...SEDC Food Centre and Taman Seroja Food Stalls selling Malays nasi lemak....mixed rice and also satay. You can also check out other outlets at Jalan Bendahara...Jalan Merpati and also at Jalan Brooke.

Rojak Kangkong and FruitRojak Kangkung

Miri's Seafood Restaurants Outlets

Miri is famous for its cheap and fresh seafood both with local and also visitors. Some outlets received bus load of outside visitor...especially those located at Miri waterfront commercial centre and Brighton Beach.

Black Pepper CrabBlack Pepper Crab

Other seafood restaurants equally popular like Apollo Seafood...located at Yu Seng Selatan Road...Marina Bay Seafood Restaurant...located at MCLD Marina Park and also Dragon Seafood Restaurant at Bakam Road.

Seafood Restaurant in Miri.

Western and International Food Outlets in Miri.

There a number of western and international food outlets located in Miri City...selling German dishes...western grills...pizza and pasta and also western style dell.

Among them are Cafe Bavaria at Jalan Bendahara...Fratini's Restaurant at Boulevard Commercial Centre and Seahorse Bistro located at Taman Piasau Indah.

Coffee Bars and Fastfood Outlets in Miri.

Beside the coffee shops...foodcourts and restaurants...there are also the fastfood and coffee bars in Miri. Among them are Borneo Baking Company at Miri Marriott Resort & Spa...The Coffee Bean together with San Francisco Coffee and Starbuck are located at Bintang Mall.

Among the Fast food outlets are the Pizza Hut & McDonalds at Bintang Mall...KFC have outlets around town including Bintang Mall...Jalan Bendahara...Imperial Mall and Boulevard HyperMarket. There is the local chain Sugar Bun also have outlet at Bintang Plaza...Imperial Mall...Wisma Pelita and Boulevard Hyper Market.

Coffee and Muffin

In Miri you can also find Indian restaurants at Jalan Perry...Jalan Merbau and also at Taman Jade Manis. There are also Japanese restaurants located at Piasau Business Park and ground floor of Boulevard Commercial Centre.

You can also find Korean food at Yu Lai Chun Korea Restaurant at Boulevard Commercial Centre...Siamese Secrets selling Thai cuisine is located at Jalan Merbau.

There is also a vegetarian food outlets at Pelita Commercial Centre...serving both western and Chinese vegetarian dishes.

Those who would like to taste the famous Bario rice can check out Sultanah Cafe at Pelita Commercial Centre...serving traditional ethnic food and also western favourites.

There are fine Miri dining outlets...serving Oriental and also international cuisine located in International Standard Hotel like Miri Marriott Resort & Spa...Grand Palace Hotel and also Imperial Hotel.

One of the popular dishes in Miri now is the Nasi Lelapan, originated from Indonesia. It consist of eight dishes, main dish could be fish, chicken, depending on your choice; other are green vegetables, sambal, fried tofu.

There are new and up coming Miri Dining outlet which are yet to be discover and visit. You are welcome to share your own Miri dining experience here.

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