Miri Petroleum Museum....A science museum of Petroleum Industry in Malaysia.

Miri Petroleum Museum which was officially opened on May, 20. 2005 is located on top of Canada Hill in Miri Resort City provides an excellent pictorial history of Sarawak Petroleum Industry and Malaysia as a whole. The view from the property is also stunning especially during the evening sunset.

Miri Petroleum Museum

Getting to Miri Petroleum Science Museum is either by car or on foot via Jalan Setia Raja. The museum is just on the right side of Jalan Miri-Pujut before Miri Fire Brigade but after SJK North.

The museum which open daily from 9.00 a.m to 4.30 p.m except Monday and 1st.day of public holiday housed various exhibits related to petroleum industry and it's related down stream industry and also the industry contribution back to the community.

Grand Old Lady

Admission is free...a tour of the facilities is both fun and educational with a neat and careful arrangement of the various exhibits.

Your educational journey at Miri Petroleum Science Museum started just before you enter the facilities...the famous Grand Old Lady of Miri...the 1st. Oil well....

next to it is a model of a Nodding Donkey....which are being use by the industry to pump crude oil where it more economical then using the oil rig...

Nodding Donkey

and a Time Capsule site....planted during the official opening of the museum...containing among other the events of the day.

A chronological o the oil exploration and its related activities are being incorporated on the various murals and plates next to the model.

Time Capsule at the Museum Compound

As you passed through a revolving door of the museum....you will be greeted by a friendly and cheerful staff manning the Information Counter...

just after the counter...you will come across an exhibit about the discovery of oil and how it being formed million of years underground.

Visiting Hour

A scale model of the Oil Platform is also shown....accompany with a written description of its function to the industry.

Model oil Platform

As you walk further into the museum you will learn more about the petroleum industry from the various exhibits....

from the history of oil exploration...

Oil Exploration History

to the method and tools that are being employed to extract the crude oil from underground....

the processing of the crude oil.....

Crude Oil Processing cycle

...into finished and useful petroleum products....

which are either export to other countries or consumed locally.

The younger visitors are not left-out as there is an interactive corner for them to learn and know more about the Petroleum Industry and other activities that are related to the industry.

Children Corner

There are also exhibits on the various community project that the Industry contribute to as their social obligation.

Community Obligation

There are aslo outdoor facilities being build for the conveneint of the visitors. Among them is the pavement...

Benches outside the Museum

besides the number of benches strategically located for you to rest and enjoy a panoramic view of Miri Resort City and the South China Sea.

Miri City View

Though your tour of the Miri Petroleum Museum may took an hour or less but worth the time spend as you have learn how Miri become a bustling and vibrant Oil City.

There are number of hotels, Inns, Bed and Breakfast within walking distance to the museum.

Beside Miri Petroleum Museum... there are various places of interest in Miri where you can spend your Vacation in Miri...Resort City.

Leave Miri Petroleum Museum to go sightseeing around Miri City.

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