Mount Santubong Trekking … Mountaineering Challenge!

Mount Santubong Trekking takes you crossing bridge, through dense jungle with lot of exciting scenery along the steep woodland paths.

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Mount Santubong which is situated on the Damai Peninsular is about 35km form Kuching City, taking about 45 minutes to reach. The legendary Mountain is about 810m high above sea level, offering a stunning view of the South China Sea and Santubong Village from the summit.

Getting to Mount Santubong.

The legendary Mount Santubong is located on the right side of the Sultan Tengah Road. You can take a taxi or drive yourself to the entry point at the foot of the mountain. There a number of entry and exit point to Mount Santubong.

The first one is the Bukit Puteri entry point located just after the Sultan Tengah Mausoleum. You will pass through dense forest and with lot of shade. The route is marked and colour coded for ease of identified by climbers.

The second entry point is at the Green Paradise Café. You need to pay for the entrance fee before you can use this entry point.

There is another entry point just before Sarawak Culture Village and the last one is at Permai Rainforest Resort Activity Site.

Mt. Santubong Trai

Trekking up Mount Santubong.

Mount Santubong is about 810 meters above sea level, taking about 3 to 4 hours to reach the summit and took almost the same time descending. You need to wear suitable clothing, enough water and food for a day trip and also some basic first aid kit.

The duration of your journey to the summit of Mount Santubong will depend on your choice of the entry point. If you choice to do Mount Santubong Trekking journey from Bukit Puteri entry point, you can reach earlier that the journey from Permai Rainforest Resort.

If you choose to start your climbing from the Green Paradise Café, you will can across a suspension bridge and a small waterfall.

Mount Santubong Waterfall

The trail from Permai Rainforest Resort, Green Paradise Café, the Bukit Puteri trail and the SCV trail all merged at the Viewpoint No. 1, at 2/3 point of the distance to the summit.

You will pass through dense forest, fruit trees along the trek and sighting of small animals or even snake along the way.

There are a number of viewpoints located along the trek to the summit, providing an exciting and excellence view of the South China Sea and the Santubong Village below.

Santubong seen from Mt. Santubon

There are also rest hut being built at strategic location along the trek to provide shelter during thunderstorm and heavy down fall.

As you climb higher up the mountain, you will have to climb rope ladder and negotiate steep passages. If could be quiet risky during wet season. Utmost care is required.

Rope Ladde

Once you reach the summit, you will able to see the South China Sea, the Santubong Village and also the various tourist sites at the foot of the mountain. As the weather at the summit some time is cloudy in the late afternoon, it best to start your climb early in the morning and reaching the summit around noon.

On the way down you can make a detour to take a refreshing dip at the small waterfall just a short distance from the Viewpoint no.1.

From there you can either return back to take the Bukit Puteri route down or continue to the other exit points. You can also take the time to visit Sarawak Culture Village or have a trip to the nearby beaches.

Mount Santubong Trekking is a popular nature adventure among both local and tourist alike. The mountain and its surrounding area are a popular tourist attraction, golf club and hotels.

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