Mulu Caves Systems possesses some of the largest and most spectacular caves in the world.

Mulu Caves network has among the largest caves chamber and the longest caves in the world. There are 300km of explored caves, providing spectacular sight and exhilarating cave experience.

The massive limestone outcropping at Gunung Mulu National Park are honeycombed with caves, carved over millions of years by the run off from tropical downpours. There are number of interesting and exciting caves with cater to both amateurs and adventurer caving enthusiast.

Mulu Cave Network

Taking into consideration of the degrees of difficulty and time to explore the numerous, the National Park had chosen a number of caves to be the show caves.

These show caves are chosen based on their uniqueness and sheer beauty.

These show caves can be visited as day trip from the Park HQ, accessible by plank walks and concrete paths. Spotlights are strategically located to highlight the interesting features inside these mulu caves.

All visitors to the park are not permitted to enter any Mulu caves without being accompanied by a Licensed Park Guide. You can join any of the daily tour of the show caves once you have registered yourself with the Park office and paid the Park entry fee and Guide fee.

These Show Caves are:-

Deer Cave which is a through-going-passage is also the home of the world largest bat colony. They make a spectacular sight, emerging from the cave foraging for food around dusk between 5.00pm to 7.00pm. Bat Cam were installed inside the cave to give you the inside view of the colony.

  • The cave is accessible by a plank walk from the Park HQ, passing through peat swamp, alluvial flats and limestone outcrops. Upon reaching the cave, WOW! This is huge. Yes! Deer Cave is huge, awesome and bold, measuring over 2km in length, 90m high, with the main chamber is 174m wide and 122m high.
  • The guano covered cave floor is crawling with insect feeding. The winding path eventually lead you to the “Garden of Eden”, a section of the cave’s roof have collapsed, allowing the sunlight into the cave floor, creating a healthy environment for a thriving plant life.
  • As you exist the cave you would come across the famous feature, the profile of Abraham Lincoln located at the Southern entrance of the cave.

A short distance from the Deer Cave is the smallest of the show caves… the Lang Cave. There is good opportunity for sighting of the cave dwellers…Bats, Swiftlets and even cave dwelling snake due to the cave size and is well lit.

Spotlights are strategically positioned to highlight the interesting features of the stalactites and stalagmites.

Clearwater Cave which is the longest cave in Asia, measuring some 107km is located along the Melinau River. Getting there is either by the 4km nature trail or a boat rides up the Melinau River.

  • From the picnic area, you have to climb the 200 steps to reach the cave entrance. Plank walk, concrete path and small floating bridge were built for the convenience of the cave’s visitor, making it easy and enjoyable caving experience.
  • Interesting feature of Clearwater Cave is its underground stream and the various rock formations inside the caves.

Just before the Clearwater Cave is the Wind Cave. Usually the tour of Wind Cave is combined together with Clearwater Cave, as Wind Cave is part of the Clearwater Cave system.

  • Wind cave, so named because of the cool breezes which can be felt at the narrow parts of the Cave. The cave is accessible via a plank walk from the Melinau Riverbank.
  • As you stroll through the cave you will came across impressive stalactites, stalagmites, flowrocks, helitities and rock corals. At one of the chamber dubbed the “King’s Room”, you can see stalagmites and stalactites resembling chandeliers and candle sticks.

Normally the tour would start at Wind Cave and continue to Clearwater Cave and ended at the picnic area where you can take a refreshing dip at the crystal clear stream before heading back to the Park Hq.

Adventure Caving at Mulu National Park.

After seeing the show caves, often the visitors want to know more about the vast Mulu caves system. The National Park Department have identified a number of suitable sites to cater for this demand and satisfy the curious.

These sites have no plank walk, concrete paths and also no lighting. The caves in this category are divided into vary degree of difficulty, from easy to advanced. You also required to have a basic knowledge of technical rope work as abseiling and climbing is involved.

If you want to attempt these Mulu caves, you also required proper clothing, and caving equipment which is available for rent at the Park HQ. You must also be physically fit to attempt this journey.

These are some of the Adventure Caving sites available are:-

  • Lagangs Cave is categorised as easy as there is no climbing required. The cave has many stalactites, stalagmites and examples of ancient river bed sediments. It is suitable for family and beginners.
  • Racer Cave is categorised as Intermediate level. You clamber up and down passageway using ropes, testing your physical and discovered your hidden abilities. You will come across strange looking insect which have evolved to survive in the darkness of the cave floor.
  • Clearwater/Wind Cave Connection is categorised as Advance level. You are required to previous caving experience and able to use advance roping technique. The trip is about 4.8km and depending on oneself fitness and number of people in the group, it takes about 6 to 8 hours to complete.
  • Sarawak Chamber is a challenging trek even for experienced and fit cavers. The journey to and back took one full day. From the Park HQ you will follow the Summit Trail to the entrance of Good Luck Cave, an 800 meters river channel will lead you the Chamber entrance.
  • Another 200 meters traverse and climbing a steep boulder slope you will come face to face with the inky blackness of Earth’s largest Chamber. Enjoy the view, refresh before making the journey back to the Park HQ.
  • For this journey you must wear proper hiking boots, some food, personal aids kit, additional torch, enough water, while the caving equipment will be provided by the Park.

It doesn’t matter what is your caving experience as you can choice which of the Mulu Caves tour that is suitable for you. If you still an amateur caver or just learning, the Show caves are for you, but if you are more adventurous and looking to test your caving skill, the Adventure caving is yours for taking.

Either way, you must always engage the service of the Licensed Park Guide at all time you are on caving trip. You can get more details schedule, the required fees and other requirement from the Gunung Mulu National Park Office. You can also contact the local tour operator about Mulu Caves tour packages.

For accommodation you can either stay at Royal Mulu Resort or at Gunung Mulu National Park.

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