Ranchan Recreation park is an ideal venue for recreational events and natural gateway at Serian District.

Ranchan recreation park which is surrounded by greenery and refreshing atmosphere is a popular picnic venue in Serian District. The natural, quiet and peaceful environment attracted families, friends, couples and group to the park to enjoy the nature surrounding, to swim and bath in the cool mountain stream or just to enjoy the scenery.

The park was open to the public in September 1990 and the facilities which are presently available were recently upgraded. The park is under the care of Serian District Council. It open daily to the public.

How to get to Ranchan Recreation Park.

Entrance to Rancahn Recreation Park

The park which is located South of Serian Bazaar at Kampung Ranchan in Serian district is half an hour drive from Serian Bazaar and around 1 ½ hour drive from Kuching City. You can either drive or took public transport to get to the park which has ample parking space. 

Activities allowable at the park.

Clear Cool Mountain Stream

The majority of the visitors to the park come to enjoy the cool and refreshing mountain stream which runs through the park. There are series of waterfalls and cascades along this stream providing ample space for visitor to swim and enjoy the cool crystal clear water or just immerse oneself in the nature surrounding.

Among the activities allowed at the park besides swimming, are camping, picnic and also hiking. There are concrete footpaths built along the river bank and also around the property. During the weekend and public holidays you can see visitors enjoy their cook out at the park.

Ranchan Recreation park Facilities.

Red Bridge across the stream

Two suspension bridge was built across the stream which enable the visitors to cross the stream without getting wet and safely. The first one is located next to the public toilets and the other one is at the upper reach. Those phobias of height would want to use the small bridge to cross over to the other side safely.

There is also a Seafood Restaurant, where you can enjoy a delicious seafood meal or if you prefer a simple fried noodle or rice, you can patronize the food stalls located next to the public Car park.

There is also a pavilion located next to the seafood restaurant, which the public can use to shelter from the weather or social gathering or having their picnic. There is also a public change room and toilets available to the public next to the pavilion.

There is also a watch tower built to enable visitor to the park to have a bird view of the surrounding area. The park is still cover secondary forest where you can find a number of fruits tress, small animal like squirrels and a number of bird species.

Ranchan Recreation Park's Chalet

Ranchan Recreation Park offers accommodations in the form of 4 units Terrace Suite, 4 units Detached House, 4 units Semi-detached House and 2 units Dormitory for overnight visitors. These accommodations which are built along the hill slope of the property are open to the public for rental at a reasonable rate.

A multipurpose hall which can accommodate 300pax at any one time is also available for public, NGO and government agencies to hold seminars, social gathering, welfare exhibition and also workshops.

There is also a lecture hall equipped with P.A System, air-condition, fans and secretariat room attached which can accommodate 60pax at any one time. Those who are interest to make a booking for the facilities can contact Serian District Council for more details.

Ranchan Recreation Park Greenry

Majority of the visitors to the park are day tripper, coming to enjoy the nature surrounding and swim in the crystal clear water or just immerse oneself with the nature. This is the one place in Serian where you can enjoy your weekend or holiday with families and friends.

Exit Ranchan Recreation Park to Serian tourist Attraction

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