Welcome to Sama Jaya Forest Reserve
An Authentic Urban Wilderness In Kuching.

Sama Jaya Forest Reserve which is located in the Suburb of Tabuan Jaya in Kuching covers an area of approximately of 38 hectares…consisting mostly of kerangas forest.

The Forest Reserve which was formerly known as Stutong Protected Forest is designed to provide an authentic urban wilderness… integrating its facilities and activities into the natural.

Samajaya Forest reserve Layout Map

Getting to the Forest Reserve.

You could take a public bus from Mosque Road Bus Terminal in Kuching City to get to Sama Jaya Forest Park which is located at Jalan Setia-Jaya in the suburb of Tabuan Jaya… or you can drive yourself there. The Park is just after the Tabuan Jaya commercial Centre.

Activities and Facilities at Sama Jaya Forest Reserve.

Sama Jaya Forest Reserve Main EntranceMain Entrance

The park primary objective is to promote multiple uses of the forests through encouraging outdoor recreation…nature conservation and at the same time creating a reserve and refuge for urban wildlife.

To achieve this objective…a number of recreation and educational facilities was built and maintained within the park. Among these facilities are:-

Two jogging tracks..870 metre and 1600 metre respectively wind through the forest catering for both beginners and serious joggers. They are well utilised by the park visitors.

Reflexology Path at Samajaya Forest ReserveReflexology Path

A short fitness trail with selection of fixed apparatus was built for the park’s visitors to do physical exercise. A popular excerise venue for nearby residents.

A circular path laid with various sizes of pebbles…the Reflexology Path could also be found at the Park.

The Baruk Shelter which could accommodate up to 60 people at one time is also ideal for group activities, plentry of shade and cool environment.

An open air meeting venue near the Baruk Shelter, which could accommodate up to 200 people at one time is ideal for group functions and also social gathering.

A tranquil traditional Japanese Garden complete with tea house…the Hiroshima-Sarawak Friendship Garden.

A number of shelter or pavillions was built along the jogging track to provide resting and refuge places during bad weather or just for rest and enjoy the greenery and the fresh air.

Gazebo at Samajaya Forest ReserveJogger Shelter

Forest Biology Museum has various exhibits on insects species…mushrooms…algae, among others….found in the rainforest.

While the Timber and Bamboo Museum showcase the different tress that produce timber….found in Sarawak. Various artefacts made from Bamboo are also on display at this museum.

Museum at Samajaya Forest ReserveMuseum

The Park’s Visitor Centre houses an audio-visual theatre…exhibition room…conference room…viewing tower and also the Park’s administrative office.

A number of significant plant species used in traditional medicine or for ritual purposes are on display at the Ethno-Botanical Garden.

There are also canteen…public toilets and plenty of parking bay provided for the park’s visitors.

Japanese Teahouse at Samajaya Forest Reserve, KuchingJapanese Teahouse

Sama Jaya Forest Park is also home to a variety of indigenous wildlife…among them are squirrel…fruits bats…frog and also birds. Occasionally you can sight various wild monkey species among the forest canopy.

Sama Jaya Forest Park is not only ideal for outdoor recreation but also ideal for educational and social activities.

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