Samunsan Wildlife Sanctuary … Sarawak Oldest Wildlife Sanctuary.

Samunsan Wildlife Sanctuary which is Sarawak Oldest Wildlife Sanctuary is located within the Gunung Pueh Forest Reserve in Lundu, Sarawak, Malaysia. It is also one of the several Important Bird Area in Sarawak.

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The sanctuary which was gazetted in 1979, covering an area of about; stretches from the border with Kalimantan, Indonesia to within 2km of the coast. It was made a wildlife sanctuary to protect the habitat of proboscis monkeys living in that area.

Travel to Samunsan Wildlife Sanctuary.

The sanctuary which is located within the Gunung Pueh Forest Reserve is accessible by road via Jalan Lundu-Sematan, after the Kampong Pueh.

If you are travelling from Kuching City, you can either take the coastal Jalan Lundu-Sempadi until Lundu Bazaar or the Jalan Tondong-Batu Kawa till you reach the Bau-Lundu Junction, then take the right turn toward Lundu.

If you travel by public bus, you can board it at the new Kuching Sentral Terminal at 4  ½ miles Penirissen Road. You then travel to Bau Bazaar and take another bus to Lundu Bazaar. From Lundu Bazaar you can either take a taxi or public to Kampung Pueh.

You can also check with the local tour operator about the tour package to the sanctuary.

Samunsan Wildlife Sanctuary Flora and Fauna

The wildlife sanctuary is on a flat, undulating terrain, covered by mangrove forest near the river and lowland rainforest farther away. The lowland rainforest can further be categorised into riverine forest, tropical health forest or kerangas and mixed dipterocrap forest.

Proboscis MonkeyProboscis Monkey

Beside the proboscis monkey, the sanctuary is also home to other animal and birds species. Among the animals found there are the Langur, Melalopho and Bornean Gibbon.

Black Hornbill, Jambu Fruit-Dove, Crimson breasted Flowerpeck and and Purple throated Sunbird are among the birds species found at the sanctuary.

The wildlife Sanctuary is one of the many Important Bird Areas in Sarawak. The site is frequently visited by bird watching enthusiasts.

Accommodation at Samunsan Wildlife Sanctuary

You can make a day trip to the sanctuary and back. If you choose to spend more time there you can choose to stay at the many accommodations available either in Lundu Bazaar or the homestay accommodation in the nearby kampong.

Among the hotels found in Lundu are;

Among the Homestay accommodation are;

  • Pueh Longhouse Homestay,
  • Telok Melano
  • Kampong Tanah Hitam Sematan

You can also contact the National Park Office at the Tourist Information Centre in Kuching for details information on the accommodation at the sanctuary or contact the local tour operator.

Beside this Wildlife Sanctuary, there are other interesting places around Lundu. You can spend a few days there, visiting the various tourist attractions.

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