Santubong Wildlife Cruise ... An Excellent Wildlife Viewing Opportunities at Kuching Wetlands National Park.

Santubong Wildlife Cruise is an excellent way to explore the coastline of Kuching wetland National Park and it surrounding mangrove forest. It's fascinating ecosystem and excellent wildlife viewing opportunities has long attracted nature enthusiasts.

Kuching wetlands National Park which cover an area of 6,610 hectares on the estuarine reaches of the Sibu Laut and Salak rivers is about 15km from Kuching.

The park is mostly comprised of a saline mangrove system which include an extensive networks of marine waterways and tidal creeks.

The park is an important spawning and nursery ground for fish and prawn species and variety of other wildlife including proboscis monkeys.

There are a number of tour operator in Kuching tour operator in Kuching that offer Santubong Wildlife Cruise as one of their package. The package would include transportation from your hotel and back again and also tour guide.

The cruise which normally started and ended at Santubong Boat Club's jetty... between 4 - 5 pm in the evening took about 3 1/2 hours.

Santubong BridgeSantubong Bridge where your Santubong Wildlife Cruise started and ended.

As the boat head out toward the Santubong and Salak river estuaries on the look out for crocodile along the shore of the mangrove swamp. Your tour guide will also inform you about their presence as they are on the constant look-out.

Fish CageFish Cage could be found along the route.

Along the river and closed to the shore are a number of floating fish farm. Theser farm reared variety of salt water fish like "Siakap" and "kerapu" in fish cage which are suppllied to seafood restaurants and also the wet market in town.

As your boat cruise further out you will passed a number of fisherman village... Kampung Buntal and Kampung Santubong among others with the legendary "Mount Santubong" in the background.

Mount SantubongLegendary Mount Santubong in the distance.

Just before entering the Wetlands National Park proper...with luck...patience and vigilante you will be able to see a group of Irrawaddy dolphins feeding there. As their population are low...the chance of seeing them is not guarantee.

Other wildlife that are found at Kuching Wetlands National Park are long-tailed Macaque monkeys…Silver-leaf monkey…monitor lizards and a range of birds life among others…kingfisher…white-bellied sea eagles.

From there your boat will enter the park proper cruising close to the mangrove forest where you might see a number of proboscis monkeys feeding among the foliage of the mangrove trees... you can also see a number of white-bellied sea eagles flying above the mangrove forest in search of foods among the forest.

Some tour operator will also bring thier guests to visit the nearby fisherman kampung...Kampung Salak. At the kampong you can see how the fisherman house built on silt and some of their fishing equipment. This kampong is located inside the Kuching Wetlands National Park proper.

Kampung Salak SantubongKampung Salak inside the Wetland Park Proper.

The park play an important part in maintaining the fragile mangrove eco-system which is an important spawning and nursery ground for fish and prawn species.

On the return darkness decends upon the can see blinking lights among the mangrove forest. These light are made by fireflies attracting their mate. Only a few areas of the forest where you can see these nature phenomenon.

As you approach the end of the Santubong Wildlife Cruise...reminising back the wonderful experience you have during the can't help but love to come back next time.

There are a number of tour operator that offer Santubong Wildlife cruise.

Leave Santubong wildlife cruise to explore other nature attractions around Sarawak.

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