Sarawak Accommodation …Your Ultimate Guide to Different accommodations option in Sarawak.

Where to Stay in Sarawak … and What are the different Sarawak accommodation option available..?”

This is often the first question asked by first timer traveller to Sarawak. There is nothing to worry as there is a wide range of accommodations in Sarawak … from 5 stars hotels … budgets hotels…lodging house…guesthouse and bed and breakfast and also boutique hotels.

New hotels are being built to carter for increase in tourists coming to enjoy the Sarawak nature beauty and the various tourist activities being organised throughout the year.

These different type of hotels in Sarawak are mostly located within walking distance from each other … commercial centre and also tourist attractions. There is always a choice that suit you budget and preference.

There are great choice of accommodation option in Sarawak to suit every budget.

Sarawak Deluxe and International standard hotels

Sarawak Deluxe and International Standard Hotel

Sarawak Deluxe and International standard  hotels could be found in Kuching, the Capital City, Miri,  Sibu,and also Bintulu. These hotels cater to both business and leisure travelers alike. These hotels are within walking distance to tourist attractions, shopping centre and also financial facilities. Read More...

Sarawak Service Apartments.

Serviced Apartments are also available in the major cities of Sarawak … providing home away from home accommodation experience. Most of these apartments are equipped with standard facilities and kitchen facilities for those who would like to do their own cooking. If you prefer a home away from home, serviced apartments is your choice. Read More...

Sarawak Beach Resorts and Spa.

Sarawak beach resorts could be found at the many beautiful and popular beaches in Sarawak. These resorts could be found in Kuching, Lundu,  and Miri. These resorts also offered various outdoor activities, like kayaking…scuba diving and also jungle trekking. Read More...

Sarawak Budget Hotels.

Sarawak cheap and budget hotels in Sarawak offered clean and comfortable room at affordable price for budget conscious travellers. If you are looking for low cost accommodations in Sarawak, there is a variety of choices and conveniently located at the tourist trails, dining outlet and more. Read More...

Sarawak Bed & Breakfast.

Sarawak Bed and Breakfast accommodation are also available … providing hostel style accommodation for backpackers and some B&B also have single room accommodation for  those who preferred some privacy. You can find these types of accommodations located at shoplots throughout the cities and towns in Sarawak. Read More...

Sarawak Boutique Hotels.

Sarawak Boutique Hotels are unique and luxury accommodations for business and leisure travellers to Sarawak. They come in different styles and size, providing a wide range of services and facilities. Read More...

Sarawak Homestay and Guesthouse.

There are also the Sarawak Homestay accommodation for those who would like to experience the kampong lifestyle and the local ethnic culture of Sarawak People. Guest are either accommodated in private home or in some kampung, the longhouse of the local community. The home owner can also arrange for a tour of the local tourist site for you. Read More...

There a lot of different type of Sarawak accommodation available for you to choose regardless whether you are on business trip or on a vacation.

Sarawak has a wide range of accommodation to suit all budgets and rated hotels, beach resort, jungle resorts as well as low budget hotel...bed and breakfast Plan your Stay.

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