Sarawak Airports …Vital for Sarawak Air Travel.

Sarawak Airports play an important role to air travel in Sarawak’s region both locally and international. They served major carriers servicing air travel in the region.

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Airports and aerodrome have been built in Sarawak major towns and selected rural location to provide fast and convenient travel option to both local and international travellers to and around Sarawak.

Currently Sarawak have 6 airports and a number of Short-take-off and landing aerodrome being built in the region.

Location of Major Airports in Sarawak, East Malaysia.

Kuching International Airport, SarawakArrival Hall, Kuching International Airport.

Kuching International Airport ... Main Gateway to Sarawak, Malaysia.

Kuching International Airport which is located 11km south of Kuching City is the main gateway to Sarawak. The airport have gone through tremendous upgrading and modernisation since it first opened in 26th.September 1950.

The present airport terminal is able to accommodate more travellers and air traffic both local and international flights. Currently major carriers that operate from here are MAS, AirAsia, Batavia Air, Silkair, Tiger Airways and MasWings.

From here you can take connecting flight to Sibu, Miri, Bintulu and Limbang. The airport is equipped with hotel booking counter… check in counter…restaurants…shop…waiting hall and duty free shop and also viewing gallery.

There is taxi services available to and from the city and also care rental counter for those who preferred one. Read More...

Sibu Airport, SarawakSibu Airport, Sarawak

Sibu Airport, gateway to Sarawak Central Region.

Sibu Airport which is located 24km from Sibu town is accessible by taxi and bus. The airport can accommodate small and mid-range aircrafts 737 and more passengers from local and also international flights.

The airport is equipped with restaurants…check in counter…shops … waiting hall and also viewing gallery. MasWing, MAS an Airasia have regular flight to and from Sibu Airport.

Miri Airport, Gateway to Sarawak Northern Region.

Miri Airport which is an important gateway to Sarawak’s northern region serves as a hub for MasWings interior air services to Mulu…Mukah…Marudi…Lawas and also Limbang.

MAS and AirAsia also have regular flights to and from Miri Airports. The airport is being equipped with various facilities for passengers’ convenience….among them…check in counter…restaurants…shops and also waiting hall. Getting to and from the airport is easy as there is taxi facilities using the coupon system.

Bintulu Airport.

Bintulu Airport which have been upgraded and modernized to accommodate Boing 747 and 737 is vital for need of the local community living and working in Sarawak Centre regions and coastal area.

MAS and AirAsia have regular flight to Bintulu airport from Kuala Lumpur. MasWings serves the local air travel community.

Bintulu Airport is accessible by public transport to and from the airport. Other facilities available at the airport are shop…check in counter…waiting hall…ticketing counter for Mas…MasWings and also AirAsia.

Limbang Airport, Gateway to Sarawak Hinterlands.

Limbang Airport which is located 6km North-west of Limbang town provides connectivity to Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Labuan, Marudi, Miri and Sibu. These routes are served by MasWings. The Airport is accessible by taxi from and to Limbang town.

The present airport can accommodate Twin Otter and Fokker aircrafts.

Mulu Airport, Gateway to Gunung Mulu National Park, Miri.

Mulu Airport is located 2.4km west of Royal Mulu Hotel Resort…it’s the main gateway to Mulu National Park. The airport is accessible by the resort shuttle van. MasWing provides scheduled flights to Mulu and it also depends on the weather condition. More flights details is available at Maswing website.

STOLS Aerodrome/Airfield in Sarawak.

Bario Airport, SarawakBario Airport, Sarawak

STOLS aerodromes/airfields are being built in Sarawak interior regions to accommodate small fixed wing and helicopter aircrafts….the needs of passengers and travellers in those remote areas. In some cases…air travel is the only option for the rural communities to neighbouring towns.

These STOL aerodromes/airfields are located in Marudi…Lawas…Mukah…Belaga…Bario…Long Seridan…Long Lellang…Long Banga…Ba’ Kelalan and Long Akah.

MasWing provides schedule flights to these destinations….which could be view online at their website here.

Sarawak Airports serve as a hub for air travel in the Sarawak’s region and also internationally. Due to Sarawak geographical location…air accessibility and connectivity is vital for its trade…travel and tourism.

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