Sarawak Beaches....A wonderful Beach Holiday At Sarawak Beautiful...Sandy Beaches.

Sarawak beaches are among the best and beautiful pristine beaches in Malaysia...providing an ideal site for family weekend getaway and water sport activities.

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Sarawak 700km coastline along the northwestern side of Borneo Island have numerous sandy beaches...from Sematan Beach in Hawaii Beach in Miri Division.

Sematan Beach, LunduSematan Sandy Beach, Lundu, Sarawak

A bulk of the beaches are found in Kuching Division.

Most of the beaches are accessible by good roads. They are Sematan...Pueh...Siar and Bandung Beach in Lundu District...

and Santubong and Damai Beach at Santubong.

Also worth mentioned are the secluded  beaches at Bako National Park which could only be accessible by boat via the Park Headquarters.

Damai Beach, Santubong, KuchingDamai Beach, Santubong, Kuching

The Kala Dana beach in Mukah Division is just a short distance from Mukah town where the Melanau community celebrate the Mukah Pesta Kaul every year around the last week of April and early May.

Pesta Kaul is a ritual of purification and thanksgiving to the Spirit of the Sea as well as one of the propitiation of good fortune.

Tanjung Batu Beach BintuluTanjung Batu Beach, Bintulu

The Tanjung Batu Beach is a popular picnic and recreational sport located 3km from Bintulu Town. Another popular beach spot is the golden sandy beaches at Similajau National Park which it about 30km from the town.

In Miri Division...there are number of beautiful beaches which is also ideal spot for swimming and water sport recreations. Hawaii Beach...a palm-fringed beaches which is 15 minutes drive from Miri City is located at Kampong Bakam.

The Luak Bay Esplanade located 11km south of the city...a white sandy beach is a popular picnic spot among the locals and visitors alike.

Bungai BeachSibuti Beach and Peliau Beach...casuarina-fringed beaches are an hour drive from city centre are located further down the coast toward Bekenu.

In Lawas, Sarawak frontier town...Punang Beach is the place to go for weekend picnic and Camping.

Though many of Sarawak beaches are accessible and popular for picnic...recreational and water sport activities...some beaches have been converted to beach resort...providing exclusive usage of the beaches for their guest. You can find thesebeach resorts in Damai...Sematan and also Miri.

Having a relaxing and enjoying the beautiful sunset at some of the best beaches in Sarawak would be a wonderful way to spend your vacation in Sarawak.

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