Sarawak Beadworks...Unique and Rich with traditional Sarawak ethnic Patterns and Techniques influenced.

Sarawak beadworks are unique because of its ethnic influence...traditional patterns and techniques. It is still flourishing among the various ethnic community of Sarawak. The pattern, design, styles and technique differ from each of the various Ethnic communities in Sarawak. Diffrent products are produce for a different purpose and motive.

Beads once play an important part in the lives of Sarawak ethnic community...valued as status and wealth.

Though today it no longer relevant...beadworks are still flourishing among the the various ethnic community in Sarawak. Bead come in different size and shape made from various among others.

These beads are crafted into beautiful jewelery...sewn onto fabric among others. It also depend on the artisan skill and knowledge...Orang Ulu are among the best in the industry.

The different ethnic community in Sarawak have their own style and techniques which influenced their beading style based on their own interpretation and pattern.

The Orang Ulu woman folks are well know for the beading skill. In their hand these beads are crafted and fashioned into beautiful carriers and also their traditional dresses among others.

The Bidayuh community also have their own unique and traditional beading works. Nowadays you can buy necklaces...wristlets among other made by Bidayuh artisans.

Bidayuh BeadworksBidayuh Bead styles

In the Iban community beads play an important part in their traditional rituals. Their maiden wore traditional dresses and accessories with distinctive pattern made by sewing beads into the fabric...during the Gawai Ritual at the Longhouse.

Iban Traditional CostumeIban Traditional Costume

Other Sarawak ethnic community are catching up with their own unique and traditional patterns...also with modern influenced patterns.

Sarawak beading style and techniques have both traditional and also modern influence making it ideal for accessories to compliments your daily dressing. New styles and pattern are being introduce by Sarawak artisans, with some pattern and styles incoorperated the various artistic pattern of different culture and influences.

Sarawak Beads HandicraftSarawak Beads Handicraft

These unique traditional pattern Sarawak beadwork are readily available at Craft and Souvenir shops in Kuching...the Main Bazaar...Sibu-Central Market...Bintulu and Miri Handicraft Centre. Sarawak artisan are encouraged to produce and incoorperated diffrent techniques which are unique to Sarawak Culture and lifestyles.

They are a must buy items by visitors to Sarawak beside the Iban Pua Kumbu...Ceramic Vase and other Sarawak traditional Handicraft.

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