Sarawak Bidayuh Handicrafts ARE
Beautifully crafted, durable
AND functional works of art.

Sarawak Bidayuh Handicrafts are made from rattan...bamboo...tree barks which are available from the nearby jungle and forest. These handicrafts are made for daily usage to carry...drying of their farms produce. Though some of these handicrafts are not that frequently use nowadays due to modernization..they are still available in many of the Bidayuh community house.

The Bidayuh community which are mainly concentrated in the first division...Kuching are the Bisadong...Biatah...Bau-Jagoi and Selako-Lara. Each tribes have their own distinct design and motives.

As the community are mostly farmers....the handicrafts that are made are use for carrying...drying and storing their farms produce.

The most popular and in great demand is the “Kasah” suitable for floor decoration as it strong and durable and lasting. The “Kasah” is made of durable thin strip of durable "segah emas" rattan and weaved together with beaten tree barks. A good quality “kasah” have a rustic look...dark brown rattan and tree barks. The most common size is 4' by 6' or 10' by 16'. This rattan mat could be lasting if it taken care properly.

The Bidayuh community use rattan to make beautiful...durable and strong basket to carry...stored their farms products and also for decorative items. These basket are come in different size depending on the intended purpose of the items.

Beside using the rattan...the community also use thin bamboo strips and also sago branches which have been processed. Due to time consuming preparation and process..some members of the community preferred plastic strip which are easily available. Effort are being carry out to diversify to usage of these handicrafts such as purse..document bags among others.

Bidayuh TapanTray made from Bamboo

Beside the basket...there are the bamboo trap and sunshade which are sometime beautifully decorated with plants motives and also animal.

The Bidayuh craftsman or the artisan also curved beautiful pen holder..souvenir items among others.

Bamboo craftCarved Bamboo Items.

Other raw material that are being used by the Bidayuh community to produce these beautifully Sarawak Bidayuh handicrafts are the screw pine leaves or the “mengkuang “ which are processed and weave into mat for bedroom floor and also for drying farm produce. Bemban or the pandanus spp are also being used to make basket and also mats.

Bemban PlantsBemban Plan

As the Bidayuh community are being gradually influenced by modern product...many of these handicrafts have lost their places in the community. The community and the Sarawak Craft Council are working together to revive and promote these handicrafts both as souvenir products and functional items. This could provide a full-time employment and income to local artisan.

Sarawak Craft Council objective is to develop the handicraft industry in Sarawak into a more coordinated and progressive enterprise that will complement the needs of the tourism industry. The SCC office is located at Sarawak Handicraft Centre at the Round Tower Kuching.

These Sarawak Bidayuh Handicrafts are available from native handicrafts shops in Kuching...Bau Civic Centre...Serian Bazaar... Serikin Weekend Market and also Kubah Ria Sunday Market in Kuching also from the Sarawak Handicraft Centre.

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