Sarawak Birding Adventure...
An Exciting journey Across Sarawak...
In search of Sarawak's endemic species

Sarawak birding adventure take you through the muddy mangrove to the misty mountains of Sarawak in search of Sarawak birdlife.

My experienced with bird was limited to watching the robin eating outside my parent farmhouse or during wild fruit season.. the parrots.

It's an exciting and thrilling adventure in Sarawak national parks...wildlife sanctuaries...padi fields...Sarawak highlands and many more exciting locations to see the endemic species.

The Birds habitats are generally divided into three distinctive habitats types...coastal mangrove...lowland forest and mountain forests

Sarawak vast rainforest and long coastline provide ample site for both novice and experts. Sarawak has the largest number of Important Bird Areas (IBA) in Malaysia as designated by Birdlife International.

Sarawak Important Bird Areas are divided into North...Central and South...these areas comprised of National Park...Wildlife Sanctuaries among others.

The North Region - Miri and Limbang Division.

These are some of the popular birds area in the Northern Region which cover Miri and Limbang Division;

The Central Region – Sibu...Kapit and Bintulu Division.

In the Central Region which cover Sibu, Kapit and Bintulu Division, these are the site for bird watchings;

  • Pegunungan Hose.
  • Mukah

The Southern Region – Kuching...Samarahan...Sri Aman and Sarikei Division.

And in the Southern Region where most of the Birding Area are easily accessible by roads among them are;

As some of the Important Bird Areas are within the Sarawak National Park and Wildlife Sanctuaries ...permit are required for entry which are available at the National Park Headquarters. Some of the Site are easily accessible which others are only accessible by trekking through dense forest.

Folws at Jong Crocodile Farm.

The adventure take you across padi fields...coastline...island and mountains. To enjoy the beauty of Sarawak's need to equip yourself with the right birding equipments. Your choice of bird watching equipments will depend on your experience and expertise.

It is not difficult to visit several important birds areas in different ecological zones to enjoy the variation of birdlife.

Leave Sarawak Birding to check out other types of nature adventure available around Sarawak.

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